“Rude people urinate in front of my daughters and rock my house with music late at night.”

Father Chris Pratt says Middlesbrough Council and Cleveland Police must do more to tackle the anti-social behavior plaguing his neighborhood where he, his wife and their teenage daughters suffer.

Chris Pratt says it is ‘impossible’ to sleep in his new home due to anti-social behaviour(Teesside Live)

One father expressed his frustration with the “pee-wee” and their deafening late-night music that echoed through his home until the early hours of the morning.

Chris Pratt, 47, says the antics, which are said to come from the car park most nights, make it “impossible” to sleep in his newly built home nearby. The father, who shares his home with his wife and 13-year-old twin daughters, says his house “trembles” from the loud music, which continued to play until 4 a.m. on multiple occasions.

Despite numerous complaints to Cleveland Police and Middlesbrough Council, Pratt says nothing has been done to stop the behaviour. From ‘racing’ cars tearing up and down the road to ‘lewd’ acts, the beleaguered father says these incidents happen every weekend, and insists ‘something has to be done’.

The noise comes from the car park opposite Chris’s home in Middlesbrough(Teesside Live)

Pratt shared his ordeal with Teesside Live: “The problem is the shared car park – it’s the car park where people go to use Albert Park, which is a lovely car park for families to park their cars in. But in the last couple of years, I’m exhausted. We make people stop, open the car doors “, the windows, the shoes, and the loud music. This weekend, they stopped and played music so loud that my windows were shaking. I’m about 300 meters from the parking lot and can go anywhere between 9am and 4am.”

Chris reported that the children were “rudely urinating” in front of his twin daughters. “They don’t care. They don’t have a care in the world,” he lamented. The distressed father was forced to contact the police after witnessing these “immoral” acts, as the authorities confirmed that they had received a report about public urination.

He said: “Every time there is anti-social behaviour, I call the police. They were racing cars up and down Park Vale Road at 10pm on a Sunday. You can’t sleep, it’s impossible.” Chris, a diesel fitter and former member of the armed forces, also alleged that the youths were consuming beer and alcohol, then recklessly “smashing the bottles on the ground” once they had finished.

The family, who moved into the new Middlesbrough property just three years ago, are finding it increasingly difficult to live there despite its initial appeal. Adding to their problems, Chris’s autistic daughter suffers a “meltdown” due to noise disturbances, including the sound of breaking glass and loud music late at night.

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