Rock the Mansion is another success for the Wickliffe Forever Foundation

Over the weekend, onlookers gathered on the front lawn of the Colby Mansion in Wickliffe for a Rock the Mansion concert.

The Wickliffe Forever Foundation, Inc., a non-profit community organization, hosted the Rock the Mansion event on September 9. This year was the event’s sixth year.

“Events like Rock the Mansion and the Colby Concert Series are a way to give back to the community on a different level,” Mayor Joe Sakacs said. “Seeing everyone having a good time and losing it makes it all worth it.”

Cocktail Johnny and Simply Queen, a tribute band from Canada, were among the performers at Rock the Mansion in Wickliffe. (Wycliffe Forever Foundation)

Dan McCoy and the Johnny Cocktail Band opened the concert. Headlining from Canada was tribute band Simply Queen.

“We wanted to hold an event in Wickliffe so others could experience our great community, and we continue to grow every year,” said Marcia Kish, one of the foundation’s founding members. “It’s great to have people come from all over and enjoy the live music, food and drinks on the front lawn of the Colby Mansion and enjoy the beauty of it and our city.”

The event concluded with a fireworks display.

Colby Mansion: from luxury estate to Wickliffe Town Hall offices

Sakacs said it’s great that Wickliffe Forever is paying tribute to the Coulby Mansion with Rock the Mansion.

“This building holds a lot of history and is one of the reasons I fight so hard for this city every day,” he said.

The event kicked off with Wickliffe’s bicentenary.

“We did our first concert at that time, and it was such a success that we kept it going,” Amy Levon, who is also among Wickliffe Forever’s founding members and treasurer, previously said. “We only missed one year because of (coronavirus). Our wonderful Lake County sponsors this, which is great.

In addition to the volunteer force, Wickliffe Forever consists of four board members.

“In 2017, we sat around the kitchen table with some ladies and said we wanted to bring a group to Wickliffe to help bring the community together,” Kish said. “Seven years later, here we are, giving concerts.”

According to the nonprofit, Wickliffe Forever aims to improve the Wickliffe community by working with city officials, the Wickliffe School Board and other community groups.

The organization aims not only to bring more community events to the city, but also to revitalize the business district and restore home values ​​along with helping the school district maintain its distinction.

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