Rivers State Governor Siminalai Fubara talks about plans to impeach the criminals who set fire to the House of Representatives complex

Wia dis foto come from, Media at Rivers State Government House

Police fired tear gas shells to chase some youths who came to protest the impeachment proceedings of the Rivers State House of Assembly.

Some parts of the De Rivers State House of Assembly complex in Port Harcourt have been destroyed.

At approximately 10:00 pm on Sunday 29 October 2023, a fire outbreak occurred after suspected criminals set fire to the association’s compound, but efforts made by the Federal Fire Service and security agencies helped extinguish the fire.

Security agents from the nearby Rivers State Police Command are in charge of the complex.

This comes amid rumors of impending impeachment proceedings against the Leader of the House of Representatives, Edison Ehi and Rivers State Governor, Semenyi Fubara.

BBC Pidgin correspondent says in the field report that security was fully on the ground and no barriers were erected in and around the complex in the morning to prevent a further breakdown of law and order.

Meanwhile, Governor Fubara has dismissed the Chief of Staff at Government House, Chidi Amadi, and the Chief Security Officer at Government House, known as the Government House Camp Commander, Promise Wosu.

Members of the House of Representatives, led by Speaker of the House of Representatives, Martin Amawwale, serve notice of Fubara’s impeachment before running for safety as police fire tear gas outside the complex.

What happened so far?

What do we call this picture?

Police fire tear gas at demonstrators

Police fired tear gas shells to chase some youths who came to protest the impeachment proceedings of the Rivers State House of Assembly.

Chabab follows Governor Seminyalai Vopara Comm De Assembly despite tear gas as council does not file impeachment notice against governor

Speaking to journalists, Governor Fubara said: “It is unfortunate that Rivers State is witnessing such an incident nine years after a similar incident occurred.

I received disturbing information late yesterday and said I would go and see for myself this morning. Everyone who knows me knows me and says I’m peaceful. Even if you know that there is a conspiracy to remove me for whatever reason, do not worry me. But I’m wary of saying that a facility like dis wey dem uses taxpayers’ money to build it, and it’s just being destroyed please sombebodi. ED is unfortunate.

From what I could see, security was in danger because they were shooting at me. DC operations are shooting directly at me. but it does not matter. Someone will die someday.

I want to die dead, meaning that when people ask about Fubara they will hear that he is the man who died fighting. I’m not against anyone and I’m not planning anything against anyone, but I don’t know where all this is coming from. And let him know who was behind this matter, I heard that some people got together to do anything. This is nonsense because you can’t sit down when there is a problem and say you do anything, what do you do?

The governor adds that as the state’s chief security officer, it is not my duty to provide an alternative location for the House of Representatives in Sidon, so any action we will take for the Assembly complex is null and void.

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