Residents are baffled when the sky over Lancashire turns pink at night, and here’s why

The nights are getting darker. As a result, a local phenomenon has returned to Southport and the lands south of the mouth of the River Ribble.

Like something out of a dystopian future, or a science fiction movie, many people have noticed the sky turning a bright shade of pink overnight. In recent weeks, many people have taken to social media, questioning the warm purple glow on the horizon.

But it appears that this is not the first time the sky has appeared fuchsia over the city. At first, many people thought it might be the result of a strange natural phenomenon.

However, it’s much simpler than that and it’s all about the tomatoes.

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Flavourfresh Salads, in Scarisbrick, has for the past year been using LEDs to help grow its award-winning fruit, the Liverpool Echo reported in 2017. The lights, a mix of blue and red, are used in greenhouses and when combined appear colorful Light pink.

When switched on, it can be seen for miles with people claiming to have seen the pink color in the sky from Southport, Formby and even as far as Kirkby. Andy Leggatt, nursery manager at Flavourfresh, has previously explained: “The reason you get beautiful colored skies is because of the weather.

It’s a simple reason why the sky turns pink(Photo: Craig Connor/Chronicle Live)

“If you get a nice clear night you won’t see it, but if it’s foggy, rainy or foggy, the LEDs will shine on the cloud and that’s what gives it that glow.

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