Rent is $1,300 per month for this tiny duplex near Tampa, FL: photos

Escape Homes has built what it says is the first all-electric duplex tiny home in the United States.
Escape from homes Escape from Tampa Bay

  • Escape Homes has two tiny homes in a 42-foot duplex on wheels.
  • The two units, which measure about 200 square feet, rent for $1,295 per month.
  • All of the rentals in this small community near Tampa were claimed within 36 hours of listing, the CEO of Escape Homes said.

The two cheapest rentals are at Escape Homes Popular tiny house community near Tampa, FL is just $1,295 per month. But there are two major problems: Both are only about 200 square feet. Depending on how you look at it, these renters have to share their home with someone else.

A little more than a year ago, Wisconsin-based Escape Homes was better known for Manufacture of a small house on wheels ARM – began deploying its units in Thonotosassa, Florida to create the Escape Tampa Bay community. Now more than 30 homes later, All but one Most of these properties with an area of ​​less than 400 square feet are claimed.

The newest Palm Court extension contains six rentable units.
Escape from homes Escape from Tampa Bay

Options in the newest extension of the neighborhood cannot be purchased. Instead, the units at Palm Court are available for rent only, including what Escape Homes says is the first all-electric duplex tiny house in the United States.

The duplex has amenities such as a washing machine, small stovetop and under-bed storage.
Escape from homes Escape from Tampa Bay

There are no other properties in Small home community It’s like the new “eBoho Duplex”. From afar, it looks like a typical 42-foot trailer home. However, upon closer inspection, the long platform actually contains two independent dwellings with separate interior spaces and entrances.

Inside the mirrored but identical homes, one room contains a queen bed, a sofa, a closet, and a kitchen. Behind another door, the bathrooms have a small sink next to a full-sized shower.

Each unit has two rooms: bathroom, living room, bedroom and kitchen.
Escape from homes Escape from Tampa Bay

In such a small space, space-saving tricks are essential: they also have folding tables, tall shelves, and a washer and dryer in the kitchen. Like other homes at Escape Tampa Bay, renters each have their own private deck and access to the community pool, small garden, additional storage and an office.

“This is how you create a 21st century neighborhood,” said Escape’s CEO.

The duplex apartments have a folding table with two panels.
Escape from homes Escape from Tampa Bay

The rent for a semi-duplex is $1,295 per month, while the most expensive apartment in Palm Court costs $1,800 per month for 390 square feet. For comparison, the average rent in Tampa is $2,200 per month, according to data from Zillow. At prices this low, all six units were claimed “almost immediately” – too before being listed Or within 36 hours afterward, the Escape Homes CEO said.

The CEO of Escape Homes says its upcoming community could be filled with more of these duplexes.
Escape from homes Escape from Tampa Bay

“Because the reaction to them has been so positive,” Dobrolski says this won’t be the last small duplex house we’ll see. The company also owns a parcel of land located across the street from this neighborhood. In the future, this property will likely be built with more such twin houses.

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