Queen Elizabeth wished she could die at Balmoral Castle, a royal expert claims

Queen Elizabeth II always knew Scotland was where she would spend her final hours, according to reports, with her death at Balmoral Castle in September last year.

Now, royal expert Katie Nicholl has claimed that her “actual wish” was to die on the Deeside royal estate, the Daily Record writes.

According to Nicole, Elizabeth’s cousin, Lizzie Elizabeth Shakerley, revealed in a 2020 interview that Aberdeenshire Castle was the place where the late queen felt at peace, Page Six reported.

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“I think her actual death was very peaceful,” explains the author of New Royals Queen Elizabeth’s Legacy and the Future of the Crown.

She added: “She fell asleep and died in her bed at Balmoral. That was always very special to her. Thank God it was a peaceful passing for the Queen.”

According to Nicole, a hospital room in Aberdeen had already been earmarked for the late Queen but fortunately it was not needed in the end.

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