Portsmouth NH downtown apartments planned above Sol restaurant site

PORTSMOUTH – Developer Mark McNab wants to build six top-floor apartments in a downtown block he owns at 111 State Street.

The proposal fits with McNabb’s efforts to create more housing across Portsmouth, including the city centre, where he owns several buildings.

The city planning board previously granted a conditional use permit (CUP) for parking at the 111 State St site, in October 2022, when a restaurant in the building was scheduled to use two of the three floors, according to architect John Chagnon of Ambit Engineering Inc., which Work with the developer.

The permit allows for no parking spaces on the site, as city zoning ordinances normally require 35 spaces.

But plans for the property changed, including building six apartments and eliminating restaurant use entirely for the building’s second floor, Chagnon said in documents filed with the city.

So McNabb is now seeking a modified conditional use permit from the Planning Council which will allow no parking spaces on site where 43 spaces would normally be required.

Sol Southern kitchen and lounge renovation in same location

Sol Southern Kitchen and Lounge opened in the building, but announced in July that it would temporarily close until renovations can be completed to create residence on the top two floors, along with “rebuilding the restaurant,” according to the property’s website. .

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The proposed housing now for the site requires three apartments on the second floor, including a four-bedroom unit, a two-bedroom unit, and a one-bedroom unit, according to plans submitted to the city.

The proposed accommodation for the third floor calls for three additional apartments, including a one-bedroom unit and a two-bedroom unit, as per the plans.

McNab, who lives in Portsmouth, said earlier: “I think we have a responsibility if we can build housing when we are local. We have to build housing if we want to hire and retain people.”

His representatives are due to appear to discuss the permit they are seeking at a meeting of the Technical Advisory Committee to review the site on Tuesday.

A permit regarding parking is called critical

This committee is an advisory committee to the Planning Board, which will make the final decision on whether to grant a conditional use parking permit at 111 State St.

Eliminating the site’s “2,827 square feet of restaurant use,” Chagnon stated “parking will be reduced under this review.”

“A denial of the CUP parking ordinance would present an obvious difficulty for the applicant, because a utilization review reduces parking demand, which is a stated goal of the ordinance’s requirements,” Chagnon wrote in documents filed with the city.

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There is no indication in the documents about the rental prices of the apartments.

The meeting of the committee is scheduled to be held at exactly two o’clock in the afternoon on Tuesday in the meeting room “A” at the municipality’s headquarters.

The property was recently valued at $2.5 million, according to the city assessor’s office.

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