Police say suspected hallucinogenic drugs are a factor in a double murder-suicide in a Roseville apartment

LSD is suspected as a factor in a man’s unprovoked outburst of violence at a Roseville home over the weekend that ended with two men dead, another seriously wounded and the perpetrator killed by a self-inflicted gunshot, officials said Monday.

The massacre broke out around 2:30 a.m. Saturday at an apartment located a few blocks southwest of the interstate intersection. The incident occurred at 36th Street and Snelling Avenue in the 1600 block of Eldridge Street, where officials arrived to find three men in the residence dead and a fourth seriously stabbed with a knife to the neck, police said.

“A motive has not been determined, (but) initial indications are that LSD may have been a contributing factor,” Deputy Police Chief Joe Adams said in a statement. Meanwhile, “the case remains under active investigation,” Adams said.

Adams identified the man responsible for the attacks and who shot himself as 32-year-old Meng Fang, who lived in the apartment. Adams said Vang killed Jun Thao and Phuong Vang, both 32 years old. The vice president added that Thao was wounded with a knife, while Vang was shot.

Emergency responders were transported from the scene with No Xiong, 33, stabbed in the neck by a knife, Adams said. The vice president said Xiong’s condition at the district hospital improved to good on Monday.

Police said all the men were friends, and the three who died were from St. Paul.

“We have suffered the tragic loss of one of our brothers, Fung Fang, due to an unexpected and horrific event,” Mo Vuong wrote in an online fundraising campaign started to help the family with funeral expenses. “Fong was a kind, humble and loving young man, and it is devastating that his life was cut short so short.”

Adams said officers were alerted to the violence when a woman called them and said her boyfriend, Xiong, had called her and said he was injured and needed medical attention.

“According to Xiong, Meng Fang suddenly started attacking him with a knife without provocation,” the vice president said. “Xiong eventually managed to escape into the bedroom and call for help.”

Prior to this incident, there were no police-related calls to the home and no documented law enforcement communications with Meng Fang, according to the deputy chief.

“Our thoughts are with those affected by the tragic events that occurred Saturday morning,” Police Chief Erika Scheider said in a statement. “We will continue to investigate and hope to provide as many answers as possible to the families.”

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