Plans to please Harry Styles, from new CEO Sean Kearney

Pleasing is among a wave of digitally savvy brands that have begun selling directly to consumers through their own channels, generating higher profit margins, while brick-and-mortar stores have seen sales decline. However, many multi-brand retailers are now modernizing their stores and offering brands more control over how they price and display their products. Many DTC companies are also turning to wholesale in an attempt to reach new customers as digital marketing costs rise.

Experts say that the decision to enter the field of perfumes seems to be a well-calculated move. While Pleasing saw significant consumer interest during its initial reveal, there was a noticeable decline in engagement after October 2022, according to social analytics firm Brandwatch. Following the recent news of its fragrance line, online mentions of Pleasing saw a 4,286 percent spike (between November 2 and 5) compared to the average mention volume, the data shows.

Kearney declined to comment on Blazing’s profitability, annual revenue, or sales growth, but said, “For a company so early on, it’s been very impressive” and he expects its current trajectory to be “a really healthy trajectory over the next few years.” His goal is to build a “powerful lifestyle brand” that “really impacts the conversation and really impacts people’s lives.” “It’s not just about the product; It’s about leading the conversation, being part of what’s happening in the world and offering a place people trust and can meet.

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Why do new celebrity perfumes keep coming out?

Despite intense competition, changing consumer behavior means that there is still money to be made from launching new fragrances. Victoria Beckham, Harry Styles and Millie Bobby Brown are among those who have seized the opportunity.

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Pleasing’s retail space at Selfridges, inspired by perfume bottles as well as the golden days of early cinema, interweaves nostalgia with contemporary design elements – an approach that reflects its DNA, according to the brand. Customers can discover and try products through the antique-style vanity table. There will also be three ticket kiosks, where visitors can pick up a free ‘ticket’, individually sprayed with one of the fragrances, and printed on archival paper that will serve as physical mementos. Every day, visitors will discover surprises, such as sweets and occasional small performances performed by itinerant artists.

“Selfridges is a great destination to explore (and really allows us to bring fun to existing customers but also introduce it to a new audience,” says Kearney. He says the brand has a broad customer base ranging in age from 10 to 85, although the highest engagement comes from Generation Z and younger millennials.One of Kearney’s goals for Pleasing is to attract older millennials, and partnering with the stores where they spend time and shop is key.

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