Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany get the first behind-the-scenes look at the secret golf course hole in Mansion Park

Patrick Mahomes gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at the par-3 golf hole in the garden of his new mega mansion.

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback was photographed by his wife Brittany playing golf with his children during the team’s bye week.

Patrick Mahomes teaches his daughter Sterling how to swing a golf clubCredit: Instagram/Brittany Lin
Mahomes walks with Sterling to the putting greenCredit: Instagram/Brittany Lin
In a separate video, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback carries his son Bronze onto the fieldCredit: Instagram/Brittany Lin
Mahomes’ dogs enjoy playing in the dugoutCredit: Instagram/Brittany Lin

Mahomes was seen teaching his daughter, Sterling, how to swing a club from the tee.

In two videos, the NFL star walked across the stone path and over the bridge onto the green, holding Sterling’s hand and holding baby Bronze.

“My heart,” Brittany commented on one of the videos with a tearful emoji.

Mahomes’ family dogs were also seen playing in the bunker adjacent to the green.

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Mahomes has a home fit for a king with his new mega mansion in Cass County, Missouri – just south of Kansas City.

Mahomes and his wife purchased the eight-acre parcel in 2020 for $400,000.

They have put the finishing touches on the property for the couple and their two young children.

During the hit Netflix series Quarterback, which was released in July, Mahomes let cameras roam his then-under-construction mansion in Missouri.

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The property includes a mini soccer field — complete with a personalized logo in the end zone — an indoor basketball court and a home gym.

There’s also an outdoor pool with a swim-up bar, as well as a private movie theater and aquarium.

The park has a three-level golf hole, which has a bunker and is located next to a giant pond.

“I had already decided to get the ground up to get ready to build this right when I signed my contract here in Kansas City,” Mahomes said on the quarterback.

“I signed a 10-year extension, a 12-year contract, because I knew I wanted to be here. I knew I wanted to be in this organization.

“So, when I did that, I was like, ‘Man, I’ll be here. I might as well build the exact house I want.’

“When you grow up, you want to have the big house, the basketball court, the soccer field, all these different things.

“You’ve got everything you need and then the golf hole is going to be a big hit.

“All I know is that if you mess up, you’re 1,000 percent going to get in the water.”

Mahomes’ teammate Travis Kelce recently revealed that one of the hidden luxuries at the luxury estate was a freezer stocked with Dippin’ Dots ice cream.

“What is it, Richie Rich?” asked Kelsey’s brother Jason on their New Heights podcast.

“Does he have a roller coaster in his backyard too?”

An overhead view of Mahomes’ mansion and golf courseCredit: BackNet

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