Parents angered by ‘regimental’ school rules banning pantyhose

Families have criticized new school rules that banned girls from wearing pantyhose. Pupils at King’s Church of England Academy, in Kidsgrove, have been told they must wear tights in the autumn and spring, and can wear ankle socks during the summer.

However, some parents described the move as “regular”, saying that the girls should be allowed to continue wearing the long black socks they are used to. In the past, they were allowed to wear knee-high socks all year round.

One mother told StokeonTrentLive: “It feels like the rules are getting stricter every year regarding school uniforms. Personally, as a parent, I feel the focus should be more on teaching and supporting the students.”

“Yes, I support uniforms, but forcing girls to wear tights is a bit routine. As long as they wear a jacket and skirt of a reasonable length and black knee-high socks, I don’t see what the problem is.”

“We’re told to encourage our children to be their own people, to be true to themselves, to be proud, to be their best selves – and then we punish them for wearing socks. I can’t help but feel like they’re going to have to wear pants.” In the future.”

Another said: “Ridiculous new school rules are causing chaos at King’s Church of England Academy. Girls have to wear tights in the autumn and spring, and can wear stockings during the summer. But only ankle stockings, not pantyhose.”

“The majority of the girls wear pantyhose and look elegant. There are staff members who walk around the school and ask the girls to roll their stockings.

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