Our family of four lives in a $100,000 house with no bills

A family of four can live in a $100,000 home with no bills at all because of its unique location.

As inflation continues to rise, Americans are looking for any way to save on their monthly expenses.

The tiny house costs only $100,000

For many families, a mortgage takes a big chunk out of their income, but one family may have discovered the secret to financial freedom.

On the Exploring Alternatives YouTube channel, couple Kristen and Bruce explain how they were able to avoid monthly bills by moving into a 34-foot tiny house on wheels with their two daughters.

Their “Rainbow Tiny House” is completely off-grid and equipped with a solar power system and a backup generator for the family’s electricity.

Although it may be a tiny house in nature, it has an 8-by-3-foot closet and a double loft with two bedrooms.

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There is also space for a storage drawer and a full-size bathtub.

“A lot of people find the price of $100,000 tiny houses a little high these days, but after speaking with several builders, we realized their overhead costs are much greater than the cost of building your own,” the couple said. .

The couple said the house is located in the woods but not far from homes that typically cost $800,000.

The journey is here

Christine said the family was interested in staying small for seven years before finally making the move.

“Less house, more life” was the slogan, she said.

Overall, the lifestyle worked.

Bruce said he is able to spend more time with his family because of the reduced financial burden.

Despite the small space, the couple says the space doesn’t actually feel “small” at all.

“It doesn’t look like a small space,” Christine said. “It feels bigger than it is.”

With a full kitchen, two bedrooms, a living room, and a walk-in closet, the family isn’t overwhelming.

The house also has a bathroom and compostable toilet.

The couple is transparent about the many questions they receive from strangers, especially those caring for children in such a small space.

“They feel like this is home,” Christine said. “They spend a lot of time outside.”

Keep costs low

Bruce said the hardest part of the trip was finding a rental property.

Through Facebook, they found the land in question.

They chose a place, cut down trees, built a gravel road, and made their house a fine home.

For six acres, Christine and Bruce are paying a third of what they did for their previous home.

The entire house cost about $100,000.

With the average cost of other homes in the area at $800,000, it was a steal for a family of four to settle into their comfortable home.

“This allows me to stay home with our kids and homeschool and be with them all the time,” Christine said.

While Bruce is used to working 100 hours a week, the financial flexibility he enjoys through his small home lifestyle means he can see his two daughters more than ever before.

Another young fan lives in a house for just $200 a month, floating on water.

Meanwhile, another couple spent just $1,250 on their tiny house, which can fit a 6-foot-5 person.

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