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Orbit Communications Systems Company. It has a cooperation agreement with Viasat Which will add enhanced communication capabilities to Orbit’s AirTRx-30 business aviation terminal.

Currently in the final development phase, the Orbit AirTRx-30 station will begin over-the-air testing starting later this month. The station will initially support Viasat’s existing and future Global Xpress (GX) satellites, with qualification and type certification on track to start charging stations from Q1 2024.

A simple upgrade program will also be offered, allowing customers who have already installed an AirTRX-30 terminal, access to the ViaSat-3 satellites in addition to the GX satellites. The system can be installed on a range of business aircraft – from midsize to large cabin aircraft – using industry-standard installation processes and procedures. With only two Replaceable units (LRUs), installation, maintenance and upgrades of the station are straightforward, reducing the cost and weight of the installation kits themselves.

The AirtTRx-30 is currently undergoing qualification and type certification, and conforms to industry standards, incl RTCA DO-160G, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) And European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

Customers who purchase and install an AirtTRx-30 will be able to take advantage of Viasat’s GX satellites once the terminal enters commercial service in 2024 and will be compatible with future GX satellites as well. In 2025, a trade-in program will also be launched to exchange LRUs for ViaSat-3 capabilities, at a nominal cost, without requiring any changes to aircraft wiring or interfaces.

Orbit is proud to continue its collaboration with Viasat, bringing enhanced SATCOM capabilities to business aircraft. The new integrated solution gives customers a market-leading, future-proof approach, with long-term support provided by a dedicated Viasat and Orbit team. Orbit’s airborne systems have already been installed, flown and proven successful by customers around the world. This new solution is part of a multi-phased approach by Viasat and Orbit to integrate their respective technologies, serving the short- and long-term needs of demanding business aviation users around the world.” — Danny EshcharCEO of Orbit Communications Systems

Viasat’s recent acquisition of Inmarsat has created exciting new opportunities to redefine fast, consistent and reliable in-flight broadband. Our partner ecosystem will play an important role in unlocking the enhanced capabilities, and we are excited that business aviation customers will be able to access our full Ka-band network, consisting of Viasat-3 and GX satellites, through a simple upgrade to an AirTRx-30 from an Orbit terminal, without Needing to change any wiring or interfaces to the aircraft. This innovation will ensure we stay one step ahead of the growing expectations for seamless on-board connectivity, from take-off to landing, and even across the world’s busiest flight corridors.“. — Kai Tang, President of Business Aviation. Viasat

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