One of the UK’s most admired prefab builders has just launched a $58,000 sauna

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British design company Koto Founded by Jonathon and Zoe Little and Theo Dales in 2017 to provide nature-inspired spaces that enhance an overall sense of well-being. Their prefab lodgings, hospitality-focused prefabricated cabins, and now a sauna designed in collaboration with Out of the Valley (which has one of its own), aim to better connect people to their natural environments through sleek, minimalist interiors that maintain the outdoor focus. Here, Jonathan shares one of the company’s favorite designs, and tells us about the new Jōki Elements sauna.

One of the UK's most admired prefab builders has just launched a $58,000 sauna - Image 1 of 5 -

Tell us about your new sauna.

sauna jockey (Jockey Meaning “steam” in Japanese) is a modular outdoor sauna cabin. It is part of our Elements series, which also includes a hot tub, aiming to redefine relaxation and wellness in natural settings. By combining Koto’s architectural expertise in creating sustainable, design-led structures with Out of the Valley’s mastery in crafting stunning log cabins, the result is a combination of design and function that we hope will advance the wellness industry.

What is the most exciting project you have undertaken so far?

Among the range of exciting Koto projects we have delivered to the private and hospitality sectors, one that has really captured our hearts is KotoHouse in North Uist. This project, undertaken for a private client looking for a family home, holds a special place in our journey. Set against the backdrop of the rugged landscape of North Uist, this residence is a testament to our design-led philosophy.

The unique charm of this project lies in its seamless integration into the Hebrides landscape. The house has been carefully designed to enjoy stunning views that change with nature’s mood. The client’s vision aligns perfectly with our principles of connecting people to their surroundings while providing a haven of comfort.

While all of our projects hold a special place in our creative journey – from hospitality cabin projects to exclusive homes – projects like Koto House in North Uist showcase the transformative power of design and its ability to create spaces that not only meet practical needs, but also inspire residents.

One of the UK's most admired prefab builders has just launched a $58,000 sauna - Image 2 of 5 -

How much does your basic model cost and what does that price include?

Our prices are variable depending on location and order size.

What qualities make your prefab buildings stand out from the rest?

Koto combines exceptional design, exceptional craftsmanship, sustainable principles, practicality and adaptability. We don’t just build structures, we create environments that enrich lives, connect clients to nature, and leave an indelible mark on those who reside in them.

One of the UK's most admired prefab builders has just launched a $58,000 sauna - Image 3 of 5 -

Where do you ship/where are prefabs currently available?

Currently, Koto operates across the UK, Europe and the US, with a strong foothold in these regions. Our US presence is growing dynamically, driven by a strategic partnership with a market development counterpart. In the near future, we plan to introduce our new flat panel projects to the United States and Canada. This expansion comes in response to the increasing demand for our innovative designs, as we participate in many residential and hospitality projects within the country.

How long can the customer expect the process to take after depositing the deposit?

Lead times vary depending on the specific product, but for a typical cabin, the build period is typically 12 to 16 weeks, followed by delivery.

One of the UK's most admired prefab builders has just launched a $58,000 sauna - Image 4 of 5 -
One of the UK's most admired prefab builders has just launched a $58,000 sauna - Image 5 of 5 -

What aspects of the installation do you manage?

In the UK, we take care of several key aspects during the installation process. Our services include the design and planning phase for both single-home and multi-flat projects as part of our comprehensive planning services offering. Services such as site preparation, excavation, and connection to electrical and water systems are usually managed as separate items by our clients’ contractors.

Outside the UK, we usually work with local architects and consultants to ensure local laws and regulations are met.

What aspects of the design can the customer customize?

With custom projects, almost everything is open to customization. Our prefabricated products are designed so that there is less flexibility with exterior designs, however, customers still have the opportunity to choose their preferred fixtures and finishes.

Through close collaboration with the Koto Living team during the design phase, clients have the flexibility to customize many interior design elements according to their preferences and requirements. This extends from finishes and fixtures to appliances and more, culminating in a unique living environment that perfectly reflects the distinct personality of each client.

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