Old pump house plans amidst modern planning applications

An extension of a cottage in a field to be transformed into a house, a new dentists’ surgery in Bath, and a small ‘traditional farmhouse’ style housing development are among the schemes people are trying to get planning permission for in Bath, North East Somerset and North Somerset.

Every week the two neighboring unit authorities receive hundreds of planning applications and we have selected some of the most interesting proposals.

All planning applications are available for public inspection on the relevant council’s website. Most plans will be determined by the council’s planning officers, but some of the most significant or controversial ones will be presented to the councils’ planning committee.

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Planning committees are made up of elected councillors, but decisions need to be made based on council planning policies, not local politics – although it doesn’t always work that way.

Kingston Lane, Winford

Those walking around Filton and Winford will be familiar with the small red brick cottage that stands alone in the middle of a field off Kingston Lane.

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