OC Restaurant Quest: White Castle New Items

OC Restaurant Quest: White Castle New Items

(Crystal A. Proxmire, November 17, 2023)

Ferndale, Oak Park, Farmington Hills, Troy, Southfield, Pontiac, Howell, Canton, Detroit, Warren, Michigan – In September, White Castle introduced two new items – French Toast Sliders and Cheddar Cheese Rings, and while I’m on a mission to highlight restaurants across the county Thanks to White Castle, it seemed appropriate to try these new dishes.

When I pulled the French toast sliders out of the bag at the Ferndale location, my immediate response was, “Oh, how cute!” French toast muffins are a bite-sized version of the classic dessert dish. And they taste amazing! With this perfect texture and the perfect sweet flavor infused with cinnamon, I can only imagine the food inventors at White Castle figuring out how to make the perfect French toast for this concept. In the middle is a choice of smoked bacon or sausage, plus fresh eggs and melted American cheese. I chose the sausage which had some great seasoning. This type of craftsmanship is unparalleled in the world of fast food.

Cheddar cheese rings are also culinary gold for those who love a strong cheddar flavor. Crunchy pretzel bread with a cheddar center makes this side item unique. According to the company, the cheddar cheese rings took more than a year to complete before they became part of the family-owned castle chain.

To conclude my visit I had some classics as well. Although I love the traditional White Castle sliders, I’m also a fan of the Chicken Ring Sandwich, which features two crispy chicken rings on a soft slider bun with cheese. I love getting packets of mayonnaise and mixing it with peppers to make this delicious sandwich and also to dip my fries in. French fries are a well-established tradition too, all deliciously crunchy and crinkle-cut.

Other White Castle menu items include chicken steak and waffles, Impossible Burger sliders, onion chips, cheese sticks, fish platters and more. Be sure to check out their website for locations and easy online ordering at https://order.whitecastle.com.

The Oakland County Times seeks to enjoy every local restaurant in Oakland County. This long-term project is a labor of love, with support from our friends at White Castle. White Castle is a family-owned business and proud to be one of only 20 large-scale employers named to Fortune’s list of Best Places to Work in 2022. With steamed sliders, crispy golden French fries, and great chips like onion chips or fried oysters , and the best chocolate shakes, White Castle is our absolute top choice for a fast food meal. Check out their website at www.WhiteCastle.com.

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