No oversized check? The Florida mansion built by the Publishers Clearinghouse could be yours

Did you know that Publishers Clearing House and Disney World’s Epcot share something in common?

Yes, they both had TV commercials heavily in the 80’s. But, of course, we are referring to something more related to real estate.

The architecture firm that designed Epcot also Designed a house for Harold And Luster Mertzfounders of Publishers Clearing House, the direct marketing company known for its sweepstakes and prize-based games.

And now, the mansion built on the back of magazine subscriptions and the hope of multimillion-dollar bonuses is on the market for $5.5 million. Longwood, FL, home built in 1979.


(devore design)


(devore design)

“When I first saw it, my mind was blown,” says the listing agent. Pamela Porazuwith an international real estate company. “When I first walked through the gates, I said, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe this is back here.'”

The massive home sits on 11 manicured acres in a gated community.

“The property is very beautiful,” she says, comparing it to the resort. “There’s a very big lake in the middle and a bridge that goes over the lake. The whole thing is amazing.”

This lake is man made and full of fish. Nearby there is a sandy beach area and more than 20 large statues and a fountain dotted around.

air show

(devore design)

Swimming pool and pool house

(devore design)

The property includes three buildings: the 14,623-square-foot main house, a 2,650-square-foot pool/guest house with two bedrooms, and an additional building that can serve as staff quarters.

The current owners have lived here since 1996 and are the third owner of the home. Many of the dwelling’s premium items date back to the Mertz family.

“It’s very exciting when you walk in through the solid brass doors into the house, because you have very high ceilings, and you can see into what I refer to as the conservatory,” Porazu says. “It’s a music room with a nice sitting area. It’s all curved windows, and it’s all really beautiful.


(devore design)


(devore design)


(devore design)

Similar to Epcot, building a house was a huge undertaking. In fact, this home took nearly seven years to build, while the iconic Disney addition was completed in just three years.

“The stairs have their own story,” Porazu notes. “It’s a one-piece staircase, dropped from the ceiling and nailed 16 feet into the ground. The house is made of concrete, and I’m told the doors and windows are bulletproof. It’s a really sturdy house.”

The spacious primary bedroom has two bathrooms, three closets, a gym, private sitting area, and patio – the perfect space for buyers looking for a sanctuary.

This impressive office/library spans two floors, has a spiral staircase, and provides ample space for lounging and reading. Plus, this would be a great backdrop for Zoom meetings.

The property’s larger-than-life theme extends to the eight-car garage, which was designed to accommodate limousines, and the owner once owned a limousine company, according to Porazu.


(devore design)


(devore design)

She says the home could need a little bit of maintenance and perhaps some cosmetic updates. The kitchen has St. Charles steel, once a status symbol in the design world.

“This refers to the quality of the house and what went into it,” says Porazu. “Someone might come in and see it and say, ‘Let me work on this and keep it as it is.’ You never know which direction they’re going to go.”

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