No one was prepared for the plane of diarrhea

No one was prepared for the plane of diarrheaScamp Designs – Getty Images

  • On September 1, 2023, a passenger on a Delta flight from Atlanta to Barcelona suffered severe diarrhea, forcing the plane to make a U-turn.

  • The incident highlights the complexity of handling the wide range of potential medical emergencies that occur during a flight where flight attendants had no way to clean up messes, such as hazardous materials or PPE suits.

  • Previous flights have highlighted the lack of medical resources on board when an emergency occurs.

A lot of things can go wrong when flying at 30,000 feet – aircraft malfunction is the culprit the least From your worries. Increased amounts of disruption caused by climate change certainly aren’t great, and bad weather can increase wait times. Then there’s the laundry list of potential medical emergencies, both of which are expected And Unexpected, it can happen at any moment on the road.

On September 1, the 336 passengers on board Delta Flight 194, a red-eye flight from Atlanta to Barcelona, Definitely experienced the latter.

Just two hours into the flight, the cabin crew experienced a terrifying “biological problem” after a passenger developed “diarrhea the entire flight across the plane,” according to the pilot’s on-board announcement. It was later posted on X, formerly Twitter.

Passengers later confirmed that the chaos actually extended along one cabin aisle. Data for flight DL194 on FlightRadar24 shows the plane flipping over Virginia skies.

Although the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires aircraft to do so Carry at least a sealed emergency medical kit with you It contains 25 specific tools and medications along with first aid kits and automated external defibrillators, and these kits obviously do not include personal protective equipment or hazmat suits. One passenger Tell Futurism That flight attendants made biohazard suits out of aprons in an attempt to clean up the spill.

Ultimately, their efforts were fruitless. Upon the plane’s return to Atlanta, the carpet was torn out of the cabin and replaced when passengers boarded a different plane and finally They set off for their intended destination. This time, things went off without a hitch.

with Some two one billion Commercial passengers On airplanes every year, it’s inevitable that some will experience a medical event, especially in the unique and sometimes stressful confines of an airplane cabin, and this isn’t the first time flight attendants haven’t had the tools they need to get the job done.

In March 2022, a passenger (and thankfully a wilderness first responder) on a Frontier Airlines flight saved a woman’s life, but not after some quick thinking; The airline’s medical kit did not contain an oropharyngeal airway, a device to help the woman breathe. Likewise, in June 2022, a doctor assisted with a medical emergency On a Delta flight I found that the first aid kit was sorely lacking.

Federal Aviation Administration He asked for ideas for new items To add to the aircraft’s emergency medical arsenal. Perhaps the epic tale of the diarrhea plane will convince the administration to recommend a hazmat suit or two.

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