No Demo Reno’s Jennifer Tudrick reveals a super cute new style that’s bound to turn heads

Are you tired of modern and mid-century modern farmhouse decor? Jennifer Tudrickhost of “No Demo Reno,” has a new alternative worth trying that has her new customers excited.

In the third season episode “Theodore Pleasant”, he meets Todrick Sarah and Drew WhiteA couple with a baby girl and another on the way. Their house is in the Tudor style, and they wanted to mix that with modern elements for a “modern Tudor” style.

“We really hope to make this house not just feel like a beautiful home, which it obviously is, but our home and our personality,” Sarah says.

Todryk has a budget of $165,000 to renovate the kitchen, living room and playroom. See how it embodies modern Tudor sensibilities, which might inspire some changes around your abode.

Add beams to the ceiling

Before: The kitchen was in great shape but didn’t match the modern Tudor style of the rest of the house.


When giving Todrick a tour of the house, Drew complained that the kitchen didn’t match the style of the rest of the house.

“Suddenly, you’re not in the same house anymore,” he says as he enters the room.

“This kitchen, as it is, is in great shape,” Todrick explains. “It’s a beautiful kitchen. However, they are not Sarah and Drew.”

They didn’t like their cabinets or their checkered design, so Todryk replaced the cabinets and added a large island in the middle of the room with plenty of seating.

After: This kitchen is now closer to Drew and Sarah’s style.


Then, to add a touch of Tudor style, the HGTV star installs faux beams.

“Nothing says Tudor like assertiveness,” she explains.

The packages are a big plus. They add Tudor style while drawing the eye and highlighting how large and beautiful this kitchen is.

Convert the living room into a library

Before: This room was recently painted.


When Todrick toured the house for the first time, Drew and Sarah showed her the living room. They say they started fixing up this room, adding a stone fireplace and even painting. However, the room was not finished.

Todryk ended up making this room a beautiful living space and library. She put in new bookshelves the same color the homeowners painted the walls, then put a large number of books on display.

After: This living room has been converted into a cozy library.


As the book reveal day approached, the HGTV star says she wanted to stack a lot of books neatly on each shelf, but ended up deciding to remove some of the books and store them horizontally.

“It doesn’t have to be perfect,” she says of this feature. “That’s something charming about the messy library if you will, isn’t it? It’s like something out of a movie.”

Add arches above doorways

The arched doorways are very Tudor in style.


Another way to give this kitchen a Toddler feel is to add arches in the entryway. This is a great idea because not only do they have Tudor arches, they also match the arch above the front porch.

“Now we’ve taken an item that’s at the front of the house and brought it into the house,” Todrick says. “And I think that just adds charm and character that should have been there all along. I feel like I’m completely feeding off of what the house already is. I’m going to let the house speak to me.”

Install shiplap on the playroom walls

This cover makes the playroom look stylish.


Todrick also works on Drew and Sarah’s playroom, and is determined to make the room look as stylish as the rest of the house.

“I don’t want it to look cheap just because it’s a kids’ space. I really want it to have a high-level design here,” she explains.

Todryk covers all the walls with shiplap, adding interest to the walls while also keeping them fun.

On reveal day, Todryk points out that the playroom doesn’t need to be overly decorated.

“With the wood panel on the wall, it gives you freedom so you don’t feel like you need to decorate the walls too much,” she says. “You have a lot of interest here.”

Create a reading nook near the window

Before: Jennifer Tudrick knew this window had a lot of potential.


Also in the playroom, Todryk decided to turn the window into a cozy reading nook.

“The pitched ceiling next to the window is very Tudor in style, so adding a window seat will highlight this unique feature and serve as a functional reading and storage area,” she says.

AFTER: This comfortable window seat is the perfect reading spot.


Since Drew and Sarah’s daughter is still young, and they have a second child on the way, the designer adds a pull-out seat so that younger children can access this seat easily.

When the room is finished, this window nook is perfect. Todrick has created a beautiful feature that kids are sure to love.

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