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Fans are getting a second chance to get their hands on Calcifer Tomica.

the name Tomica Practically synonymous with Toy cars in Japan. Produced by Game Maker Takara TomyTomica is essentially the Japanese equivalent of American Hot Wheels, a detail-oriented but affordable line of miniature cars that have been beloved for generations.

But over the past few months Tomica has been partnering with… Studio Ghibli To produce a collection of four-wheeled art pieces inspired by the animation studio founded by Hayao Miyazaki. We’ve known for a while that the next two entries in the lineup will be from Howl’s Moving Castle, and they’ll officially go on sale a few hours from now, Ghibli Specialty Shop Donguri Kiwakuku Shown a new set of preview images.

Above first is the moving castle itself, with movement provided by a set of wheels mounted on the underside of the cast statue. Unlike some toy cars that look best when viewed from a distance, here you’re rewarded for stepping inside to get a closer look at the crazy mix of wrinkles and curves of magical architecture.

The asymmetrical design also gives you the perfect excuse to “drive” the car. You’re not just playing with a child’s toy, you’re rearranging the piece so that the full range of the designers’ aesthetic choices can be appreciated.

▼ Perhaps while dealing with such high-brow technical questions as “Should I say vroom vroom!” Or “Squeak squeak!” While playing with this?

The other new Ghibli Tomica is not a car, it is not so much a traditional means of transportation as it is a moving castle. that it Cooking pot.

It’s certainly an unusual choice for a toy car, but it’s a perfectly acceptable one because it means we get to look at this amazing display of the Spirit of Fire Calcifer.

Here too, paint and coloring really helps sell the visuals. Calcifer in particular is made of a material that captures light in a way that makes it look like a glowing flame.

Takara Tomy began accepting pre-orders for both models last September, but they won’t officially go on sale until the start of the business day in November 18with Donguri Kyowakoku opening for sales through its online store at 10 a.m. This is especially good news for Calcifer fans, since Takara Tomy’s online store has already sold out of the Calcifer car, but Donguri Kyowakoku has its own inventory that has not yet been tapped.

Both cars are priced at 1,320 yen (US$8.80), with the Moving Castle model available here and the Calcifer here.

Source: Donguri Kiwakuku
Top photo: Dunguri Kiwakuku
Insert photos: Donjuri Kiwakoku (1, 2)
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