New California Laws 2024: Part One kicks off the annual series

AP-1 Collective bargaining: legislative authority. AP-3 Offshore wind energy: reports. AP-5 Safe and Supportive Schools Act. AP-10 Pupils: Body Shaming Model Policy and Resources. AP-12 Rent: Security deposit. AP-28 Firearms and ammunition: excise tax. AP-30 Atmospheric Rivers: Research: Reservoir Operations. AP-33 Fentanyl Abuse and Overdose Prevention Task Force. AP-34 Elections: Orange County Citizens Redistricting Commission. AP-39 Digital financial asset companies: regulatory oversight. AP-40 Emergency medical services. AP-42 Tiny Houses: Temporary Sleeping Cabins: Fire Sprinkler Requirements. AP-43 Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Building Materials: An Embodied Carbon Trading System. AP-44 California Law Enforcement Communications System: Tribal Police. AP-48 Protecting Informed Consent for Nursing Facility Residents Act of 2023. AP-50 Public Facilities: Timely Service: Customer Energisation. AP-56 Victim Compensation: Emotional Injuries. AP-58 Postponing entry into the experimental governance program. AP-60 Restorative justice program. AP-63 Voting padding: Reporting the results. AP-70 Emergency Response: Trauma Kits. AP-72 Coastal Resources: Research: Landslides and Erosion: Early Warning System. AP-84 Property Tax: Welfare Exemption: Affordable Housing. AP-87 Pupils: Section 504 Plans: Meetings and Team Meetings. AP-88 Criminal Procedure: Rights of Victims. AP-91 Community Colleges: Tuition Waiver for Non-Residents: Residence near the California-Mexico border. AP-92 Body armor: ban. AP-95 Pupils’ nutrition: Pupils’ meals. AP-96 Public Employment: Local Public Transportation Agencies: Autonomous Transportation Vehicle Technology. AP-97 Firearms: Non-serial firearms. AP-100 Budget laws for 2021 and 2022. AP-102 Budget Law 2023. AP-103 Budget laws for 2021 and 2022. AP-110 Early childhood care and education. AP-111 Personal Income Tax Law: Exclusion: Student Loan Debt: Fee Exemption: Emergency Grants for Higher Education. AP-112 Troubled Hospital Loan Program. AB-113 Agricultural labor relations. AP-116 Early childhood care and education. AB-118 Budget Law 2023: Health. AB-119 Medi-Cal: Managed care provider tax. AP-120 Human services. AP-121 Development services. AP-126 Vehicular Air Pollution: Clean Transportation Program: Vehicle Registration and Identification Plate Service Fee: Smog Control Fee: Extension. AB-127 The state government. AP-128 Cannabis: Background check and cannabis event organizer license type. AP-129 Living. AP-130 employment. AB-134 Public safety trailer bill. AP-223 Changing gender and gender identifier. AP-225 Real Property: Environmental Risk Handbook.

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