My unreliable Tata Tigor: A story of numerous warranty claims and negligence

The black plastic of the headlight is cracked and all nearby plastics are already broken. The plastic is very dry and breaks like a potato chip.

BHP IT Metal Recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I own a 2019 Tata Tigor XZ+ purchased in May 2019. The car has covered 50,100 kms so far.

attention: Although the car is powerful, compact and fun to drive in the city, it was a real nightmare to own. Tata sold me a lemon and I visit the car service center every month or two – the longest period this car has been away from the service center was 4 months, also due to my marriage falling in between and not having enough time to check minor issues.

Current number 1: The plastic in the engine compartment, especially the front plastic on the back/interior side, leads to cracks and when touched falls

As you can see from the pictures, the black plastic of the headlights is cracked, and all the nearby plastics are already broken. The plastic is very dry and breaks like a potato chip.

I spoke to the service center about this and all they had to say was that the headlight is not covered by the extended warranty and it will be a fee to replace it. You didn’t give me a clear idea if not replacing the same would be safe in the long run, if the plastic in the headlight broke and water got in.

So I need your advice on whether I should replace it or leave it on?

Current number 2: Engine heating – problem found – radiator fan needs to be replaced for the second time in 3 years.

Tata Solution: Your last service was delayed by 3 months (not my fault – read on), so we will not file a claim under the extended warranty. I sent a mail to higher managements and only 60% of the claim was approved.

Past issues:

  • Day 1 of purchase – Bubble formation on 3m paint free Teflon film by Tata Motors. The issue never happened again
  • Day 3 of purchase: Driver side window switch panel stopped working and was replaced.
  • Day 5/6 of purchase: Right ORVM motor stuck – replaced
  • Day 8: Driver’s side AC water flooded – AC water pipe corrected.
  • 1 month after purchase: Rear parking sensor disappeared. change
  • 2 months: Track sound in steering – rack and pinion assembly changed
  • 3 months: Tack Tack sound in the steering again – rack and pinion assembly changed.
  • 5 months: Radiator fan disappeared and was replaced under warranty.
  • 6 months: The track sounded again – the steering column joint was changed – the problem did not appear again.
  • 7-8 months – Problems with ABS light turning on, transmission problem – Error code cleared and gear adjusted
  • 9-10 months – severe vibration in the cabin – engine mounts changed.
  • Minor issues and one-year paid service in April 2021.
  • July 21 – Back seat locks broken – changed and paid for.
  • Aug 21 – ABS light problem again with pickup dropped, car shaking violently – error code cleared.
  • Sep 21 – I paid 1383 for another problem – I don’t remember what
  • Dec 21 – Paid 2267 for some other issues – can’t remember what
  • April 22 – Annual Service – Costs 12k.
  • Sep 22 – Headlight gone, ABS light back on, check engine light again, pickup issues, problems starting car – battery change recommended – battery replacement. I paid 3k for the lamp and some other lubrication and cleaning.
  • Oct 22 – ABS and check engine light came back along with car starting and pickup issues – fault code cleared
  • Jan 23 – Engine mount changed again, anti-roll bar and struts damaged (don’t know how) – paid and replaced.
  • January 23 – The rack and pinion was changed again (third time).
  • March 23 – Malfunction – Car won’t start, problem with ABS light again, problem with pickup. Paid 4.5k service – Throttle body cleaning and fuel injector cleaning to resolve the above issue – issues not resolved
  • March 23 – Water pump, thermostat failed – changed under warranty. The clutch plates were also replaced under the P2P programme.
  • Mar 23 – ABS light problem, check engine light, not picking up, and vibrating again – Returned car with strict warning not to approach consumer court – Problem finally resolved – Wire harness and some sensors rusted – Problem popped up and has not arisen again yet.
  • March 23 – Gear will not shift to 2nd and 1st. 3,4,5,R worked fine. After modifying it, the issue appeared two more times in April – modified but still very narrow.
  • April 23 – Service was due but service advisor said – no service needed – car has had several repairs and checks already.
  • Even here the car was serviced at AutoVikas Moti nagar.
  • Aug 23 – Gear stopped working – Moved to different service station – TrueNorth Peeragarhi (formerly Concord Service Center) – Gear issue finally resolved but they told me your car was not serviced April 23 – Your extended warranty will now be voided. I got the car serviced right away. I paid 13 thousand
  • October 23 – Current version – Radiator fan as mentioned above.

What do members suggest?

1. Head to consumer court where nothing will likely happen or

2. Accept my damned fate and keep the car running.

3. Sell the car? He owns a Honda City and a Xuv 700, but either will be destroyed at Chandni Chowk and Karol Bagh where Tijore works on office duties. My Tigor was also scratched badly thanks to these areas.

This is what GTO He had to say about this:

Sorry to hear about your experience. What a colossal waste of time and effort. My advice = cut your losses and move on. There is no point in throwing money/good time after bad.

Since the Tigor is used for office duties in rough terrain, it’s best to buy something durable and easy to use. To choose a car, look at what Uber and Ola use. A new Dzire or WagonR would be ideal for this type of use. Your run rate is very high and both cars are available with CNG kits.

Basically, you need a beater for the XUV700 and City to remain at their best. Marutis are absolutely the best choice for speculators.

Read BHPian’s comments for more ideas and information.

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