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It’s safe to say that it’s almost impossible not to hear about Taylor Swift in the past year. Starting in March, Swift embarked on The Eras Tour across the United States, taking fans through all of her musical eras. The journey begins with her eponymous 2006 album, which features her curly hair, cowboy boots, and sundress. Was next fearlessreleased in 2008, saw the previous look replace the sequined dresses, but the cowboy boots remained. talk now In 2010 it was next. In this era, imagine big romantic dresses, red lipstick, and her naturally curly hair. In 2012, SWIFT was released red With a new look, including bright red lipstick, bangs, and high-waisted shorts.

Swift moved from the country to perform with her 1989 era that began with the release of the album in 2014. Her style also shifted to crop tops, high-waisted shorts, and a new short hairstyle. The next two stages of her career brought more dramatic changes, from reputation– The era of black clothes, dark lipstick, and snake images Lover Just two years later, it was colorful with all things pastel decorated with hearts and rainbows. The short period of two releases for 2020, folklore And foreversaw the brighter pop give way to a softer, more aesthetically pleasing production of grays and blues, then flannels, log cabins, and fall colors, respectively.

The current stop of the journey is SWIFT Station midnight era, which was groundbreaking for many of her fans with its focus on indie pop, dark blue hues, and iridescent glamour.

If you’re in a similar situation to me, broke and in college but also a dedicated Swiftie fan, missing out on the Eras Tour was disappointing. The little girl who had not yet fallen in love but sang “You Belong with Me” and “Mean It” into her hairbrush as if she had just gotten over a breakup was longing to have that experience again. My love for Swift and her music has not waned as I’ve gotten older. She always brings the music to life and puts everyday emotions and experiences into perfect words.

I spent most nights watching videos of her concerts and living vicariously through the people I knew who would be attending. In the end, I accepted the missed opportunity and accepted the truth. Knowing I couldn’t go, I spent many days thinking about what outfit I would wear and trying to guess what surprise songs she would sing at each concert. I finally saw news about the concert film Taylor Swift: Tour for the Ages And I knew I had to go.

Similar to the record-breaking chaos in ticket sales for the Eras Tour concerts, tickets to see the film were sold out at an incredible pace. Swift posted a short trailer on August 31. Within the first 24 hours, AMC Entertainment’s advance sales reached more than $26 million, and as of September 15, total advanced ticket sales exceeded $65 million. That number already has the film close in on the top two musical films of all time, and with estimated opening numbers approaching $100 million, Swift seems likely to take the top spot. The film will be released across North America starting October 13.

After posting the trailer, Taylor stated on her Instagram, “The Eras Tour has been the most electric experience of my life so far, and I’m so excited to tell you it’s coming to the big screen soon… Eras clothes, encouraging friendship bracelets, singing and dancing. Watching the trailer for the movie gave me the same electric and meaningful experience you described. I hummed along to all the songs and once again felt that little girl inside me ready to relive her childhood dreams.

As you’ve probably guessed, yes, I was one of the first people to get tickets to this movie, as I refused to miss this opportunity again. Without fail, Swift added her own unique touches, which undoubtedly permeate the film, to the ticket prices. Adult tickets are $19.89 after her album of the same name, and children’s tickets are $13.13 after Swift’s favorite number.

Whether you’re a Swiftie fan at heart or sometimes find yourself singing along to her catchy songs, being able to take part in such an unforgettable time in history is something everyone should experience. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. As Swift encouraged, bring the crazy clothes, friendship bracelets to trade, and your best singing voice and dance moves. I know I will.

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