Milton Planners are looking for more information on the Mulberry Street development

The Milton Planning and Zoning Commission is seeking further information regarding a proposed development on a vacant lot at 500 Mulberry Street.

At its meeting on August 15, the committee chose to leave the registry open to receive additional information as part of the initial review of the site plan for the project, which proposes the construction of 17 townhouses on the site.

Ken Christenberry, an engineer with Georgetown-based Axiom Engineering, said the project, which will be known as Mulberry Heights, complies with the city’s zoning code and that all but one unit will have roofs that support the city level. Sewage pumping station. In general, said the project is relatively straightforward. The plot of land is located next to the entrance to the Shipbuilding Village.

However, Chairman Richard Trask immediately said that in his opinion, there was not enough information in the application for the committee to make a decision at this time. He said that the engineering plans are not complete and do not contain suitable plans for landscaping or facilities.

“There is a lot of information missing here that we need to assess and review,” Trask said.

Commissioner George Cardwell asked about a sewer easement due to its proximity to the water lines of surrounding homes. Christenberry said he spoke to Artesian representatives, and they asked for a full profile before agreeing.

Christenberry said his aim was to get the committee’s comments on the location of the building, in case anything needed to be moved.

Commissioner Jeff Seamans questioned whether having two parking spaces per unit, as proposed, with no spare spaces on the property, might not be enough. Seamans also questioned the size of the trees planned for the property, saying they looked too small for him. Trask added that the streets seemed very narrow, and he wondered if a fire company’s ladder truck would be able to enter during an emergency.

Eventually, the committee handed Christenberry his homework for the next meeting: coming back with details about lighting and landscaping plans, size of trees, parking, water and sewer connections, and parking signs.

Plans to develop that land through planning and zoning had been approved twice before, in 2006 and 2015, but development did not proceed due to financial problems in 2006 and regulatory approvals expiring in 2015. In January 2022, current owner ECMM brought in a Delaware LLC offering A different plan, this plan is to develop 14 units, with a different engineering company.

At the time, the planners had similar concerns regarding the lighting plan, elevations, access to the sewage pumping station, and narrow emergency access.

These plans called for two unit buildings, one facing Shipbuilding Street and the other facing Mulberry Street. Current plans call for four buildings, each consisting of three, six, four, and four units, respectively. The main entrance to the lot will be off Mulberry Street, and the back of the lot will feature a stormwater catchment basin.

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