Mike Tyson’s abandoned mansion has undergone an unexpected makeover

Mike Tyson’s abandoned mansion has undergone an unexpected transformation that no one saw coming.

The heavyweight boxing icon was forced to sell his beloved mansion near the end of his boxing career amid financial problems.

However, the once grand palace has now been given a second life, heavenly pun intended.

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Iron Mike reluctantly sold the property in 1999 after filing for bankruptcy.

The five-bedroom property includes tiger cages and a basketball court.

The ring icon is known to have kept four tigers at the site surrounded by a high chain-link fence.

He also relaxed in a 10,000-square-foot room that included an ocean-like pool.

The massive gates outside the property emblazoned with the boxer’s name left visitors in no doubt as to ownership of the property.

During his youth, he amassed a fortune estimated at $388 million before losing it all.

Tyson, who sparked rumors of a redemptive return at Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury’s recent “If the Price Is Right” Champions Dinner.

Curiously, his vast Ohio estate was also recovered.

The mansion was converted into The Living Word Sanctuary Church.

This is according to Pastor Nicholas Digasimo of the Living Word.

The hotel was built in 1979.

Far from being the most expensive house in the world, Tyson bought it for just $300,000 at a sheriff’s auction in the 1980s after the bank seized it.

However, after Tyson passed away the story was sad.

Footage taken in 2018 revealed that the luxury property had fallen into disrepair.

Degasimo saw his chance to turn it into holy land.

DeJacimo spoke to the Warren Tribune-Chronicle.

He added: “The property has not been touched for ten years.”

“You had a lot of grass and you could sell it for hay.

“It’s a miracle we got this. We had to pay estate and back taxes.

He continued: “Therefore, for $50,000, we acquired the entire property.” It was basically donated to us because the previous owner needed to write it off. I tell the congregation that God literally gave us this.”

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