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Praise the Lord. We finally have a new Speaker of the House, and he is someone I think will be worth the wait. Mike Johnson has all the qualifications needed to be the best speaker in recent memory. What a contradiction between the leaders of the two parties. Mike is all about healing and loving his colleague and Jeffries is all about dissent and constant fighting. Let us hope that good triumphs over evil.

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How long will Mike Johnson keep his position as Speaker of the House? Until he does something Matt Gaetz doesn’t like.

I find it interesting and completely hypocritical that Democrats are so quick to play the race card, yet they seem to have no problem with the anti-Semitism shown on college campuses and supported by members of their own party! This reprehensible and genocidal behavior by students that school heads have allowed to continue is a symptom of the indoctrination and moral decay that has enveloped the so-called “halls of higher education.”

Greg Livengood

I highly recommend watching three contemporary films: 2000 Mules, Voice of Freedom, and Police State. These films have not been announced or reported by the MSM, and there have been limited screenings of all of these films, but if you can find them, they are all worth your time. Your government doesn’t want you to see them.


Patriot54’s statement on Monday’s Sound Off is a typical Democratic statement that lumps all Republicans into one entity. I agree that the statement on abortion is overrated but not all republicans think the same thing, this is way more democratic. They call abortion “by choice,” but if the fetus is killed in an accident, they are charged with manslaughter or some degree of murder. How is this different, they are both dead.

Five years later, the Phillies still haven’t been able to buy a World Series title. I don’t see how you can be proud of winning when your roster is made up almost entirely of players bought from other teams. A few weeks ago, a Philly sportswriter chastised Deion Sanders and the University of Colorado football team for using the “transfer portal” to become a contender. The writer must have easily forgotten that the Phillies did the exact same thing.

As the 19 defendants see a future in upholding the cover-up of Trump’s Georgia criminal RICO case, an orange suit seems more likely for the criminal boss. Two of his lawyers will testify against him. Look at this space!

Jay Miller

Is Michel, considered by some presidential material, a Marxist revolutionary like Barack? It is largely forgotten that the first recent political fundraiser was hosted by Bill Ayers, a Weather Underground alumnus and self-proclaimed author of an Obama biography, and Bernadine Dorn, a Manson Family fan. The couple believed that terrorism was an acceptable means of achieving desired goals. Michele’s brand of Marxism, as a kinder, gentler radical, can be found in the siren song of diversity, equality, and inclusion.

M. Furlong

Vox Populi asks what Jesus would do in the event of what happens in Gaza. You know very well that there is no doubt that Jesus will violently wipe out the Hamas terrorists who behead children from the face of the earth. We don’t give them billions of taxpayer dollars. Peace be upon you, not the Palestinian terrorists. They need to rot in hell with the US Democratic Congresswomen who support them.

Father Malarkey

The bumbling Biden administration is easing sanctions on Venezuela in exchange for a promise of free elections in the future. Do these idiots really believe that giving money to dictators will change their bad behavior? No, but easing sanctions will increase the supply of oil on the market and hopefully prevent energy prices from rising too much before the 2024 election. After that, it doesn’t matter what happens.

Robert Menninger

lib don’t get it. Conservatives are not married to the Trump person. But they are married to about a dozen non-negotiable issues that will determine who they vote for. Economics, border security, law enforcement, sanctity of life, national security, America first, capitalism, leadership, patriotism, character, nationalism, trustworthiness, etc. Donald Trump happens to tick almost all of these boxes. No single Democratic candidate can beat any of them.

I am so grateful that I graduated with my bachelor’s and master’s degrees when teachers were still sane and effective. I feel really bad that students are taught lies and false narratives that actually make them dumber when they leave.

Professor Potts

Wow, you crook Trump is really losing his mental sharpness, here’s an actual quote: “Remember, Republicans eat their own young. It’s a terrible statement, but it’s true.” Radical Republicans, please explain the situation in which this is acceptable.


What is the difference between a Democrat and a Republican? A Democrat swears they will move to another country if a Republican is elected president. But no radical left-wing progressive Democrat has ever kept his promises. On the other hand, a Republican does not threaten to leave the country if a Democratic president is elected. The Republican stays in place and fights the Democrats’ stupid, un-American policies and programs.

Missy is a beauty queen

Thank you to The Mercury for reporting detailed and accurate voting information. Never in my life did I believe that our American citizens would be willing to vote for a corrupt, draft-dodging bully with 91 felony charges against him in 4 different jurisdictions. Vote for the president who has caused so much hate and division in our country. But here we are. The only way to overcome this is to vote in every election.


It is clear that Biden and the Democrats are not qualified to govern. Under this current administration, America has repeatedly been humiliated, disrespected, and exploited on the world stage as well as on the home front. Leadership, intelligence, patriotism, common sense, and credibility are traits that are completely lacking in today’s Democratic Party. God save the queen!


I think Democrats’ view of American life is always through the lens of race. This in itself jeopardizes their ability to think logically about social, political, and economic matters and severely limits their ability to make a meaningful contribution to America.


Cincinnatus: More BS. No one called you a liar. Readers were asked to decide for themselves whether your blatant, FBI-planted ad, evidence, despite Menendez’s public statement, was a deliberate fabrication or a far-right parrot by a stupid person. Shocked by BS Audio Off? No. Shocked by the BS from you? No, it’s sad that many, including you, think it’s okay. Opinion is one thing. Allegations without evidence are another thing.

It doesn’t happen very often, but I hate not having what I need at Walmart. I have to get home, change from Donald Duck PJ’s and flip-flops to regular jeans, t-shirts and shoes before I go to Target!

Jim Fitch

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