Material Girl’s former mansion in Michigan is for sale for $18.9 million

Maybe Madonna can live anywhere she wants. This sprawling mansion once owned by the Material Girl herself is on the market for $18.9 million.

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Hush! Don’t tell Madonna she’s originally from Michigan. The Like a Virgin singer is clearly not fond of her heritage and doesn’t care much about her youth, having grown up in the Detroit suburb of Rochester Hills.

Guests at the Madonna family’s vineyard and winery in northern Michigan are supposed to be asked not to pronounce Madonna’s name, and there is no mention of her on the establishment’s website. However, in recent months, Madonna has paid tribute to her elderly father online, saying she was inspired by his unwavering work ethic.

Madonna’s former home in Hollywood

Today, you have the opportunity to live where Madonna once slept. Oh, if only those walls could talk.

The sprawling home is said to be one of the most important Spanish properties ever built in Southern California. According to the listing, it overlooks the city of Los Angeles with stunning views of Lake Hollywood and the famous Hollywood sign.

The Material Girl’s former residence has nine bathrooms, six showers, large fireplaces, and even an antique wood-paneled elevator.

As expected, the exterior is decorated with fountains, rose gardens, carved hedges and a swimming pool.

Real talk: it’s a bit flashy

Although I understand that this 10,000 square foot mansion is full of history and its architecture is beautiful (check out the stunning spiral staircase in the photos below), I have to say that the interior is rather gaudy. Scroll through the photos and take a look at the bedrooms – you’ll understand exactly what I mean.

The listing is being handled by Brett Lawyer and Linda May of Carolwood Estates

Take a peek inside Madonna’s former palace

A luxury home previously owned by the same Material Girl in Michigan is on the market for $18.9 million.

The three-acre property overlooks Lake Hollywood, downtown Los Angeles and the ocean, and also features a panoramic view of the iconic Hollywood Sign.

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