Massachusetts is full of great colleges – here are the 10 best

Let’s face it, people. Attending the sacred academic halls has never been expensive, but nowadays with the rising cost of living it seems more expensive than ever. The average cost at a four-year college, taking into account tuition and fees plus room and board, is approx $27,940 to $57,570 per year.

We all know that choosing the right college is neither an easy task nor an easy final decision. However, the folks at WalletHub have come to the rescue once again by updating a study that may help make that final decision a little easier.

WalletHub looked at many factors and several key metrics including cost (acceptance rate), safety, student-faculty ratio, graduation rate, student loan debt, return on your educational investment, etc. and came up with The nation’s top 500 colleges and universities for 2024.

Bay State has done very well Seven Higher education institutions in the top 50, followed by two others at 60th and 67th. Finally, Massachusetts has 11 colleges and universities in the top 100, which is simply amazing.

FYI, Brandeis just missed the top 100 by just a few spots, coming in at No. 109. Pretty impressive! As I mentioned, Massachusetts did very well in landing More than 25 Colleges and universities among the top 500 universities nationwide.

Among these impressive numbers, WalletHub brings us the top 10 colleges and universities in Massachusetts. By the way, the No. 1 school in Massachusetts is also the No. 2 institution of higher education in the country Total. amazing!

We’ll work from the bottom up, so we’ll start at number 10:

10. Mount Holyoke College

Joanna Chatman/Courtesy of Facebook

Joanna Chatman/Courtesy of Facebook

9. Boston University

Courtesy of Facebook

Courtesy of Facebook

8. Smith College

Anna Siegel/Courtesy Facebook

Anna Siegel/Courtesy Facebook

7. Tufts University

Courtesy of Facebook

Courtesy of Facebook

6. Boston College

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5. Northeastern University

4. Amherst College

Courtesy of Facebook

Courtesy of Facebook

3. Wellesley College

Courtesy of Facebook

Courtesy of Facebook

2. Harvard University

And once again, the #1 university in Massachusetts and the #2 university in the entire country overall is…

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Kudos to MIT, and to all the colleges in the Bay State that earn this degree! Excellent academic work, Massachusetts! To see the full list of the nation’s top colleges and universities, visit WalletHub here.

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