Luxury lifestyle amenities in a development in Melbourne’s West

When it comes to downsizing, choosing a vibrant community with a lot to offer will greatly enhance the experience.

More Australians than ever are considering selling the family home in search of something more suitable later in life.

Lifestyle Deanside is an ideal downsizing prospect in Melbourne’s West.

A recent study by the Australian Institute of Housing and Urban Research found that thousands of people were considering making the move, driven by the pursuit of a better lifestyle (27 per cent) and relieving financial pressures (27 per cent).

This trend is not surprising and will continue, as cost of living pressures increase and people become more aware of their choices, says Mel Wright, lifestyle consultant at Lifestyle Communities.

“There are a lot of people who are asset rich and cash poor on a daily basis,” Wright says.

“Downsizing gives people the opportunity to live a really nice lifestyle where they can get rid of the (larger) house and free up some of that value for other things at the same time.”

There are also more developments catering to this demographic, creating personalized communities that foster social connections and provide access to great amenities.

Live well

One development that proves downsizers can have it all and more is Lifestyle Deanside in Melbourne’s west.

This newly built gated community, located on the edge of the city, is a charming destination designed specifically for homeowners who want to increase their bank balance and enhance their lifestyle.

“It has all the right amenities. There are two pools, one indoor and one outdoor, a library, a gym, and a full social calendar,” Wright explains.

Homeowners are also given exclusive access to a spa, cinema, electric cars and electric bikes.

There are also plenty of social and leisure facilities, including a lawn play area, croquet, billiards, bocce courts and a makers’ studio for those with a creative side, all set amongst beautiful landscaped gardens.

An array of amenities provide residents with ample scope for entertainment and socialization.

Community connection

Lifestyle Deanside is for community-oriented designers looking for social connections and friendships, Wright says.

“The kind of demographic we serve has gone through this progression of buying a first home in a new community that has a lot of first home buyers,” she says.

”They had tenants next door. But more often than not, they are looking to move to a community where like-minded people are at a similar stage in life.

“They want a place where they know their neighbors’ names and faces.”

Relatives are also welcome, as many homes have a guest bedroom.

“Families are welcome to use the two pools, and they can use the barbecue areas, which they often do,” she says.

“On a Tuesday night, they might come and sit in the barbecue area and get pizza or fish and chips. We also have a wood-fired pizza oven, which is very popular.”

Beautiful home design

While downsizing means moving into a more compact home, there’s something to be said for when purchasing a new home.

The homes at Lifestyle Deanside are brand new, modern, stylish and welcoming.

Facades can range from Hampton-style dwellings to more contemporary designs, giving the streetscape an organic and individual feel.

Internally, homeowners can expect bright and bright designs, with large windows and well-thought-out design, all located on one floor.

A well-appointed kitchen with new appliances and luxury touches like a walk-in robe are key features.

The interiors are well appointed and feature spacious layouts and elegant finishes.

Another upside is that buyers don’t have to buy the plan, which can add more stress to people on the downsizing journey, Wright says.

“The majority of homes we sell are completed, which gives buyers peace of mind,” she explains.

“People get to see the home and walk around it. They know exactly where it is in the community and the level of finishes. They feel reassured because they know exactly what they’re getting.”

A popular prospect

The offering at Lifestyle Deanside proved to be a successful combination, with nearly 70 per cent of the 267 homes sold.

According to Wright, it’s common for homeowners to be so impressed that they recommend it to their friends and neighbors, which in turn helps strengthen bonds in the community.

Those who refer a friend can also benefit from a unique rewards program.

New homeowners who purchase before June 31, 2024 will receive a $10,000 Furniture Gift Card, and their referee will enjoy a $2,000 cash bonus.

Wright says moving into the community does not have to be “rushed”, with people given six months to settle in.

“There is an initial refundable deposit of $500,” she adds.

“Then they can come back a month later, and the total deposit is $5,000, with the rest due at settlement.

“We give people six months, so it’s not a mad rush to sell their house, which takes the pressure off.”

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