Luigi’s Mansion game in the series

Luigi has the raw command. He is often moved to the second player while his older brother enjoys the limelight. When he finally gets his moment as a leading man, he finds himself trapped in a dusty old mansion filled with everything that scares him. The poor man can’t catch a break.


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The Luigi’s Mansion series may be a green plumber’s worst nightmare, but it’s an absolute dream for action-adventure fans. This creepy rendition of Mario contains some of the most bizarre environments, exciting combat, clever puzzles, and captivating exploration in the Mario world. If you want to see the Luigi’s Mansion games sorted, get ready for a ghostly journey through Nintendo’s scariest series.

Luigi’s Mansion games are rated based on speed, creativity, level design, and gameplay. Almost every title in the series is worth playing, but only some make excellent use of all of these elements.

5 Luigi’s Mansion Arcade is a terrifying on-rails shooting game

The most unique Luigi’s Mansion game

Luigi's Mansion Arcade - King Boo is surrounded by two versions of himself

Lunch date

Spring 2017

Control unit




Imagine if Nintendo, Capcom, and Sega teamed up to create a first-person shooter set in Luigi’s Mansion. That’s the arcade game in a nutshell. It’s an on-rails adventure based on Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon for the Nintendo 3DS. Instead of holding a gun like most shooters, the controller is a vacuum cleaner that you point at the screen to suck up ghosts and collect items.

As Luigi explores three unique palaces, it’s up to you to defeat the barrage of spirits before they get close enough to do damage. The goal is to get as many points as possible by assembling collections and vacuuming treasures. You can also enlist a friend to play the entire multiplayer game.

Should you play Luigi’s Mansion Arcade?

There’s no reason not to turn it on if you find one in an aisle. It’s a fun experience to fight ghosts with a friend, and catching a Poltergust adds a unique sense of immersion to the experience. However, compared to other Luigi’s Mansion games, this game is understandably lacking in content and can be completed in about 30 minutes. Don’t feel the need to go out of your way to find it unless you’re a huge fan of Luigi’s Mansion.

4 Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon revived the series

The most divisive Luigi’s Mansion game

Luigi's Dark Moon Mansion (Luigi's Mansion 2) - Luigi peeks his head into a gloomy mansion

Lunch date

March 20, 2013

Control unit

Nintendo 3DS


Next level games

Luigi’s Mansion may be the most divisive game, but all Luigi fans owe a debt of gratitude to this sequel for reviving the series after 12 years of dormancy. Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, also known as Luigi’s Mansion 2, took the series in a new direction, for better or worse.

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Luigi explores five unique palaces, from a mummy-filled clock tower to a haunted cabin on a snowy mountain. The new Strobulb mechanic allows you to unleash a powerful stream of light to stun ghosts and deal extra damage, ensuring combat is fast-paced and engaging. However, what holds the game back is the mission-based structure, which takes you out of the mansion and makes you re-enter each time you complete an objective.

Should you play Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon?

Dark Moon is the best Luigi’s Mansion game if you need something to play in short bursts. The intense focus on tasks makes it ideal for quickly picking up and playing. However, the pace makes play sessions longer, and the general linearity and lack of personal ghosts makes the exploration and bosses feel subpar compared to other titles. It’s not a bad game, but there are better options.

3 Luigi’s Mansion 3DS remakes a beloved classic

A great way to play in the original Luigi’s Mansion

Luigi's Mansion 3DS - Luigi enters the Haunted Mansion

Lunch date

October 12, 2018

Control unit

Nintendo 3DS


Nintendo, raw

While most people would have preferred a remake for the Switch, Luigi’s Mansion for the Nintendo 3DS adds a fresh coat of paint to the original. New features include revamped graphics, a quick boss mode, achievements, and the ability to play through the entire co-op game. You can also unlock Hidden Mansion, a more difficult campaign that was originally exclusive to the PAL version of the GameCube title.

One of the best additions are the new gyroscopic controls, which feel intuitive and satisfying. It should be noted that this game is best played on the New Nintendo 3DS since the C-Stick can mimic the GameCube controller. If your 3DS model doesn’t have a C-Stick, the alternative control scheme may take some getting used to.

Should you choose Luigi’s Mansion 3DS instead of the original?

It all boils down to preference. If you want to play the original Luigi’s Mansion on the go, this remake is a good choice. Quality of life updates and new content are nice touches, even if they don’t radically change the experience. However, sticking with the original is better if you don’t want to be limited to a small screen and potentially more complicated controls.

2 Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a must-have game for Switch owners

The most innovative Luigi’s Mansion game

Luigi's Mansion 3 - Luigi and Goigi are standing in the dark hallway

Lunch date

October 31, 2019

Control unit

Nintendo Switch


Next level games

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the perfect entry point into the series, thanks to its accessibility and outstanding level design. This game combines the best elements of the first two titles and provides massive improvements to create the series’ most innovative experience.

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Luigi is trapped in a haunted hotel, where each floor has a unique theme, including an Egyptian pyramid, a medieval castle, and a wrecked pirate ship. Combat is more action-packed than ever, thanks to the new melee attack, which lets you tackle ghosts on the ground. Moreover, the quests are completed, allowing you to explore the hotel without interruption.

Should you play Luigi’s Mansion 3?

If you own a Switch, do yourself a favor and check out Luigi’s Mansion 3. It strikes the perfect balance between the puzzle-solving, exploration, and boss battles of the original with the thrilling, fast-paced combat of Dark Moon. If that wasn’t enough, the graphics are stunning, making it one of the most graphically impressive Switch games. It is the best Luigi’s Mansion game from Next Level Games and a must play.

1 Luigi’s Mansion is a masterpiece

Best Luigi’s Mansion game

Luigi's Mansion GameCube - Luigi screams while surrounded by boos and other ghosts

Lunch date

November 18, 2001

Control unit

Cube game


Nintendo ED

It’s hard to overstate the importance of the original Luigi’s Mansion as a part of Nintendo history. The translucent effect of the ghosts still looks amazing and has not been replicated in the series yet. This game cemented Luigi’s character, and the first time he entered this eerie gothic mansion was a defining moment in the GameCube game.

Combat isn’t as complex as future titles, but it’s arguably the most satisfying in the series. Each battle feels like a fierce wrestling match between you and the ghost, with a power unique to this game. The puzzles and exploration are the best in the series, and it always feels rewarding when you finally discover the ghost portrait’s weak point or discover a well-hidden secret.

Why should you play Luigi’s Mansion?

Luigi’s Mansion is the video game equivalent of required reading if you like Nintendo’s 3D games. The gameplay, atmosphere, and controls hold up remarkably well. Not to mention, this game features one of Charles Martinet’s best performances in the Mario universe. Luigi’s Mansion is an outstanding action-adventure game that is worth revisiting again and again.

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