Lowe's is selling a tiny house for $2,100

Lowe's is selling a tiny house for $2,100

LOWE'S marked the tiny house for $241.20 on its website.

The Heartland Rockport shed was originally priced at $2,349 before the hardware store reduced the price to $2,107.80.

Lowe's sells a tiny house for $2,100 ready to assembleCredit: Lowe's

An 8-foot by 12-foot wood shed can easily be converted into a tiny house as the trend continues to gain strength.

Shoppers can expect several features on the product such as a deep roof and sides to protect against rot, rot, and insects.

Additionally, the shed comes with a transom window over the door for more natural light and a treated flooring system with a “professional look and enhanced durability,” Lowe's said on its website.

Other features include pre-hung doors with heavy-duty hinges, treated and engineered wood siding, and a 10-year limited materials warranty.

The product comes pre-cut and ready to assemble and can ship within a few weeks.

Before purchasing, it is wise to check with your local building department for specific requirements as additional materials may be needed to meet local codes.

This may include H-clamps, tie-downs, wood ties, hurricane straps, or more.

Customers gave the shed 3.5 out of five stars.

Great life

Lowe's is also selling a 16-foot-wide, two-story, two-story Richmond building for just over $16,000.

The company suggests using it as a cabin, workshop, or garage because it can hold a large amount of storage — although many people use it as a tiny house.

Each tiny house has a loft accessed by a built-in staircase that customers can place on the left or right walls.

These kits are designed for homeowners to frame and assemble as desired.

Additionally, each one is shipped to customers via curbside delivery.

Just note that entry doors, windows and wood panels are not included and must be purchased separately.

The popular hardware store also sells a luxury shed for $24,599 that customers convert into a tiny home.

However, shoppers must purchase other necessities to make the space habitable.

Just note that this will increase the cost a little but will still be much cheaper than an apartment or house.

The 120 square foot structure comes with a sturdy, heavy-duty metal roof and comes ready to paint.

Some changes in store

For more than a year, Lowe's has partnered with Petco and piloted an in-store program where customers can find various products for their pets from nutrition to flea and tick solutions.

Also, Petco's Vetco clinics, staffed by a licensed veterinarian, will be available once a month at 75 Lowe's locations.

The service provides vaccinations and medications for pets.

The US Sun goes inside a tiny home community where rent starts at $480 a month and you can choose your preferred location.

In addition, a couple built a tiny house for $18,000 – their neighbors laughed but now they have no mortgage and they are amazed.

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