Look Inside NASCAR's Most Expensive Homes – No. 1 Is Just Crazy!

Look Inside NASCAR's Most Expensive Homes – No. 1 Is Just Crazy!

The most expensive mansion on this list of the most expensive homes of NASCAR stars is actually smaller than House No. 10, but it's all about the location.

We won't spoil which NASCAR driver has the most expensive home on this list — and perhaps the most outrageous — but we will share some of the drivers included. Both Busch brothers had success, as did Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Mark Martin, and Denny Hamlin.

Danica Patrick bought a stunning mansion in California with her ex-boyfriend Aaron Rodgers. Tony Stewart and Kevin Harvick are two other NASCAR drivers whose homes are incredible. You will love their caves even if you don't appreciate the architecture and design.

Many of the NASCAR stars on this list live within driving distance of Charlotte, North Carolina. Many of NASCAR's most impressive homes are located directly on Lake Norman, but they are not the most expensive homes.

A stunning New York City apartment makes the top three, plus a slice of California paradise. Then, there's a stunning log cabin on 400+ acres in the Midwest countryside – what flexibility!

Scroll down to see inside each stunning NASCAR home, followed by a full home tour of Residence No. 1. Click on the video above for the same information, if that's your preference.

You'll learn more about each home and the annual salaries of the drivers in the video as well. Much of what a NASCAR driver puts in the bank is in the form of endorsements, so it's safe to say Budweiser paid for Harvick's massive house.

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PHOTOS: See inside NASCAR's most expensive mansions

The largest home for a NASCAR driver includes an indoor aquarium and more than 19,000 square feet of living on 415 acres. House No. 10 on this list of the 10 most expensive homes is hardly a postage stamp in comparison.

Taste of Country recently compiled the most expensive homes of NASCAR drivers, and while there are some famous names on the list, some not-so-famous names are as well. Dale Jr., Denny Hamlin, Danica Patrick, and the Busch Brothers are a few of the drivers to look out for on this list of mega-mansions. See photos of all 10 people and a full home tour of House #1.

Gallery source: Billy Dukes

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