Look inside Ivana Trump’s $22.5 million home

Inside Ivana Trump's house

The late Ivana Trump’s New York home has been for sale for a full year without any buyers. In September, the company reduced its original price by $4 million, to $22.5 million.

This lavish residence has remained virtually untouched since her death in July 2022. In fact, very little has changed since Ivana Trump, the first ex-wife of former President Donald Trump, renovated the home in the 1990s.

The grand staircase of the townhouse is covered with red carpet, silk-covered walls and a gold-plated railing.

Evan Joseph/Douglas Elliman

“It’s very beautiful and very French, with a Versailles flavor inside,” says the home’s listing agent, J. Roger Erickson of Douglas Elliman. He was appointed by Ivana Trump’s estate, which benefits her three children Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric, according to Erickson.

Dinner room

Evan Joseph/Douglas Elliman

The six-story, approximately 8,800-square-foot townhouse was built in 1879. It is still decorated with furnishings by the late Ivana Trump, covered in red carpeting and walls covered in red silk, and punctuated by gold accents and ornate crystal chandeliers.

“Ivana said the house would have been lived in by Louis XVI if he had the money, and that sums it up perfectly in her words,” Erickson said.

Ivana Trump’s former home in New York City is located between Fifth Street and Madison Avenue at 64th Street.

Evan Joseph/Douglas Elliman

In many cases, sellers professionally stage their homes to make their stay more attractive to potential buyers. In this case, the interiors at 10 E. 64th Street still appeal to its late owner’s taste.

Since her death in a fall down the house’s grand staircase, the residence has remained a time capsule, with family photos still adorning the walls and shelves. A large poster of one of Ivana’s magazine cover appearances hangs on the wall outside the home office. Her book, “Raising Trump,” sits on the coffee table in the living room.

Living room

Evan Joseph/Douglas Elliman

Public records show Ivana bought the limestone cottage in 1992 for $2.5 million. According to Erickson, the house was in poor condition when Ivana bought it, and she spent millions renovating it and giving each floor her own personality.

“Over 30 years, the market has gone up dramatically,” Erickson said.

The latest asking price puts the price per square foot of the home just under $2,600, in line with the median price per square foot for luxury home sales (top 10% of sales) seen in the third quarter, Elliman reported.

However, the listing, which went on the market last November, had been on the market longer than average for a New York City townhouse, which was about five and a half months in the same quarter and was measured from the last price change to the contract date. According to Jonathan Miller, president of Miller Samuel, a real estate appraisal and consulting firm.

When properties like this stay on the market longer than the average market time, the list price is likely inflated, Miller told CNBC.

“The highly customized interior of this townhouse also likely contributed to the delay in marketing since then,” Miller said.

Only time will tell if the recent reduction in asking price will help sell the home.

Here’s a look at Ivana Trump’s former residence.

Primary bedroom

Evan Joseph/Douglas Elliman

Ivana’s former bedroom, with en-suite bathroom, spans the entire third floor and has a fireplace and a terrace.

Primary bathroom

Evan Joseph/Douglas Elliman

The master bathroom is covered in pink onyx, mirrors, and gold fixtures. It opens to both the bedroom and the leopard-themed library.

Evan Joseph/Douglas Elliman

The library furniture is upholstered in the spotted pattern, as are the cushions, walls, and rugs. The room is furnished with paintings depicting cheetahs, a little blonde doll in a fur coat sitting on a leopard-themed sofa, a tray decorated with a wild cat, and a photo of little Ivanka with her mother. They are both photographed sitting on the leopard sofa in the room with Ivana wearing a leopard dress as she kisses her daughter’s cheek.

One of the house’s five bedrooms.

Evan Joseph/Douglas Elliman

Among the five bedrooms in the house is Ivanka’s former suite, which has a fireplace and a canopy bed still decorated with a gold crown on top. In the bathroom, a few ceramic tiles on the walls and in the shower are personalized with the word “Ivanka” handwritten and decorated with hearts.

Dining area off the kitchen

Evan Joseph/Douglas Elliman

Off the small kitchen on the second floor is a small dining area with an overhead crystal chandelier hanging directly under a skylight. Erickson told CNBC that Ivana’s children would consider selling the fully furnished house.

Outdoor patio

Evan Joseph/Douglas Elliman

At the back of the house is a 700-square-foot brick courtyard.

Property taxes on the residence are approximately $10,900 per month or about $130,000 per year, according to the list.

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