Liam Gallagher’s two homes are 850 miles apart, which he shares with his fiancée, Debbie Gwyther

Liam Gallagher has delighted his fans by releasing additional tickets for his ‘Definitely Maybe’ tour. The successful artist will now perform on additional dates in London and Manchester. When Liam is in London, he will be able to return to his own home in the north of the capital, but did you know he owns other properties too? And they are a far cry from his rocker lifestyle.

Explore Liam’s real estate portfolio with his fiancée Debbie Gwyther…

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Liam Gallagher’s house in London

Liam Gallagher has two homes

Reports emerged that the Wonderwall singer had purchased a new property in London in March 2020 and the £4 million home is located in a leafy north London suburb.

It has five bedrooms, in addition to a large garden, and the pictures obtained by the Daily Mail show how luxurious it is. The Tudor-style exterior makes it look like it’s set in the quaint English countryside, and the interiors follow suit.

There is a library room with floor-to-ceiling shelving and comfortable sofas, and another bonus is a spacious office. Many rooms have their own fireplaces, and wooden beams throughout give a rustic feel.

The spacious kitchen features a wood-topped island and large dining table – perfect for entertaining!

Liam Gallagher’s French home

Liam’s latest property purchase earlier this year was a little further afield – in France! According to The Sun, the singer has acquired a stunning six-bed mansion worth £3million.

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Noel Edmonds sold the property to Liam, after settling for £1 million under his original asking price.

Liam bought a house from Noel Edmonds

The photo in the news report shows the house has a brick exterior with pale blue shutters on the windows. The property is surrounded by abundant green trees, providing plenty of privacy for the star.

Liam also bought a house he had never lived in before, which was intended for his estranged daughter and former lover Lisa Ghorbani.

Liam previously admitted to The Mirror that he has never met his daughter. “I never got to meet her. I heard she was fine. She’s fine,” he said. “I never heard anything about her wanting to meet me.”

Liam’s daughter Molly Gallagher

The singer opened up to GQ about the situation, saying: “The kid I haven’t met. But if I meet her, she’ll be amazing. She’s welcome in my world, without a doubt, but I’m not.” I met her, because her mother… Listen, we’re not working.

He continued, “(I have) no problem with the girl at all.” “I bought them a house and all that stuff. I think she’s better off with her mother. If it happens, it will happen. Of course, I won’t turn her down. So be it.”

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