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The Menlo Park train station needs some TLC

One day, I stopped by Phil’s for a cup of coffee, but I couldn’t help but notice the condition of the Menlo Park Train Depot, a California historic landmark. It is also the oldest railroad station still in use in California, with history and character dating back to 1867. However, it is slowly deteriorating and becoming an eyesore.

The warehouse needs some TLC. One might think that because of the new businesses and buildings in the vicinity, the depot should stand out as a gateway to Menlo Park, rather than an embarrassment to Menlo Park.

Lydia Cooper

University Way, Menlo Park

SUHSD Board’s lack of transparency

I am a concerned parent in the Sequoia Union High School District, and in recent months, I have been actively advocating for the reinstatement of honors classes at Menlo-Atherton High School. The decision to discontinue these classes was made without the knowledge and approval of the SUHSD Board of Directors and without due consideration of the needs of the entire student body. An appeal with more than 860 signatures, mostly from parents and students, was submitted to the board, urging the reinstatement of honors classes.

Menlo-Atherton High School’s decision to limit learning opportunities by placing all students in the same classes presents a major challenge. The crux of the problem stems from the wide range of abilities of incoming ninth graders. Conflating these diverse needs within one classroom does a disservice to all students. Menlo-Atherton High School may not fully realize that by discontinuing honors classes in an attempt to address the equity/belonging/achievement gap, it is inadvertently undermining socially and economically disadvantaged students. All students, regardless of their background, deserve access to challenging academic opportunities that fuel their intellectual curiosity.

Bringing back advanced classes in high schools is not just about enriching an “elite” few; It is an essential step towards building a comprehensive education system that recognizes and nurtures the unique needs and potential of each student, and promotes an inspiring, high-quality learning environment.

Christine Arnold

Sunset Lane, Menlo Park

Bell Haven Home Electrification Grant Support

I was pleased to see your article from October 20 (Menlo Park to focus money on Belle Haven for home electrification retrofits) that said the Belle Haven area may receive state funding for electrical retrofits. Without financing, low-income homeowners will likely find it too expensive to replace natural gas appliances. However, these homeowners will also need to convert to electricity if Menlo Park has any chance of achieving their goal of electrifying 95% of existing buildings by 2030.

The intrinsic costs of providing heat pumps and other electrical appliances to the public are not much higher than the costs of natural gas appliances. But the sales volume is very low compared to gas appliances. In general, HVAC contractors are not yet prepared to install electrical appliances as easily as gas appliances. ADA rebates are not yet available for retrofits.

We desperately need a strong start with the funding available from the California Energy Commission. Please urge the Menlo Park City Council to take advantage of this grant opportunity.

Rob Hogg

Siskiyou Road, Menlo Park

Standing for gender equality

I am disgusted by the recent preaching of both the Catholic Church and other Christian churches. Specifically, I refer to the letter to Catholics from Bishops Cordillon and Barber that explicitly opposes gender equality. Their letter complains that gender equality promotes “the idea of ​​sexual identity that is left to the individual’s choice.”

think about it. Who, in our culture, would choose to be gay or transgender when it brings so much hatred and discrimination, especially from churches and church people?

People are created by nature; They didn’t “choose” any more than I chose to be heterosexual.

Cordileone and Barber are two ignorant and arrogant men.

Don Barnby

Spruce Street, Menlo Park

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