Lemon Tiny Home blends Scandinavian style with contemporary design

Scandinavian style is still the most popular choice when it comes to small home interiors, and designs like the new Mobidividual Lemon turn it into art. Add a versatile configuration with a built-in home office, and you have the perfect abode for a modern couple or a small family.

Mobidividual Lemon, one of the latest designs from one of the most famous European tiny house builders, Mobi House, showcases the perfect balance between form and function.

His impeccable style, a fresh take on Scandinavian aesthetics, will please anyone who appreciates elegance and sophistication down to the smallest detail. On the other hand, the functional layout with two bedrooms upstairs, a large living room and a multi-purpose built-in office is sure to please those who prefer functionality.

This beautiful mobile home is as new and lively as its name. It comes on an 8.4m (27.5ft) trailer from the reputable MH Trailers brand, and has a light-coloured exterior with huge windows. The cubic shape was best suited for a balanced composition with two upper rooms. The Scandinavian style aesthetic is evident from the beginning – the Mobidividual Lemon features a beautiful Scandinavian spruce facade with vertically placed panels.

Mobi individual lemon

Photo: Moby House

On the inside, the Little Lemon is completely bright and calm. The classic combination of crisp white and natural wood creates a familiar, warm and clean atmosphere associated with this particular interior style. The clever use of black accents adds an interesting touch and a more modern look.

All finishing elements, such as lamps, fixtures and even light switches, are all in black. All windows and doors feature black frames. The result is a clean, simple style with a sophisticated touch.

The center of the house is dominated by a huge split staircase that connects the upstairs rooms to each other and to the main floor. This design with the central staircase is particularly balanced. Instead of entering directly into the living room or kitchen, anyone who walks through the door is greeted with a small lounge area, adding a bit of privacy to the other rooms on the main floor.

Thanks to this type of ladder, future owners get a large storage space without disturbing the overall tidy and clean effect. Unlike small steps, these large, built-in closets and even cabinets provide efficient storage space for year-round living. There’s even a large kitchen pantry. The large vertical window in the middle and the railing with LED lighting have both a functional and decorative role.

Mobi individual lemon

Photo: Moby House

Obviously, this harmonious design, where the front area of ​​the house is not cluttered with unnecessary furniture, makes the entire dwelling look more light and spacious. One end of the house is completely devoted to the lounge room, which becomes a real haven for entertaining guests or spending time with family.

Oversized windows appear almost like doors, bringing in the outdoors and flooding the room with natural light. The Mobi House team added a custom-made wooden coffee table and an oversized boho-style pendant lamp.

At the other end of the house, clients will find a small kitchen and bathroom separated by a rustic barn door. The kitchen’s exquisite woodwork immediately attracts attention – a large, sturdy countertop, as well as multiple drawers and cabinets, including overhead cabinets.

The worktop is also designed to be extra long so that its extension can be used as a breakfast bar without taking up additional space. Although small for a home of this size, the kitchen integrates all essential appliances, including an electric refrigerator, dishwasher, hood, and washer-dryer combination.

Mobi individual lemon

Photo: Moby House

A built-in desk with a neatly open top shelf is located in the same area. Partially hidden by a large walk-in pantry, it has enough privacy, while the window in front adds natural light and a great view. It comes with internet connectivity, USB ports, and cable settings. If you’re wondering where the chair is, you need to take a close look at the ceiling – there are two folding chairs placed separately so they don’t take up any extra space unless someone is using them.

This small home office nook is a welcome addition for people who work from home or who want to combine work and travel. Plus, it’s versatile enough to be used for other purposes as well, not necessarily for work.

One of the lofts comes with a mattress frame for a large bed, while the other is devoid of furniture so future owners can decorate it as they wish, either as a second bedroom, a playroom or a simple storage room. The beautiful open wood railing acts as a firewall to the master bedroom and is also highly decorative.

Mobi individual lemon

Photo: Moby House

Even with just basic furniture and appliances, the Mobidividual Lemon home looks like a work of art that exudes Scandinavian-style bliss. It’s light, bright and airy without compromising on function. Pricing is available upon request and depends largely on the level of customization.

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