Kim Zolciak claims she wanted to sell her mansion, not Kroe Biermann

Kim Zolciak And Kroy Berman The divorce remains one of the most baffling reality TV divorces in recent memory. First, they were heading towards Splitsville. Then they were not. The only sure thing is that this family has some serious financial problems. Kroy hasn’t played football for years. Bravo Don’t Be Late has been cancelled. And the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star (allegedly) has a bad gambling problem.

As financial problems began to pile up, reports indicated that Kroy demanded the sale of his $3 million home. She was already on the brink of foreclosure as the family struggled to make ends meet. Now, Kim claps again. Selling their home, she says, wasn’t just Croy’s idea. It was her!

Mutual decision

TMZ met Kim outside an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles. With all this money trouble, she should have eaten spaghetti and ramen noodles instead of eating out at expensive Italian restaurants, but whatever.

When asked by paparazzi about the ongoing battle over the $3 million home, she quickly dismisses the notion that it was Kroy who is asking for the sale. She claimed it was mutual and it was actually her idea. “I told him what to do, honey,” she told the photographers, as she strutted out of the restaurant.

This is a much different story than what Kroy’s lawyers initially suggested. They were just asking for an emergency hearing on the house because they alleged that Kim had no intention of making the payment. It’s supposed to sell its products designed to help spend money on bills, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.

What did the football team say?

“Throughout the marriage, the defendant spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on online gambling, shoes, wallets, clothes, wigs, and wine. Whatever money she earns, borrows, or earns from the sale of her wallets is transferred,” Crowe’s lawyer explained. Straight to maintaining her persona as a charming woman who lives a lavish lifestyle.

So, if it was Kim’s idea to sell the house, why would Krue and his lawyer go to court and withdraw it? Something is not right here. We just hope they can find a buyer for this home.

Tell us — do you think it was Kim’s idea to sell the house, or Kroy’s idea? Do you think they will actually divorce this time?

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