Khloe Kardashian’s son Tatum, 1, jumps on a trampoline with sister True, 5, in the backyard at mom’s $17 million mansion

KHLOE Kardashian caught her two kids playing outside in the star’s $17 million mansion.

Over the past few weeks, the TV personality has shared adorable bonding moments between her daughter, True, five, and son, Tatum, one.

Khloe Kardashian and her two kids recently spent some time outside in the backyard of her $17 million mansion.Credit: Khloe Kardashian/Instagram
She has two children with Tristan Thompson: True, five, and Tatum, oneCredit: Instagram/Khloe Kardashian
In a series of videos, True and Tatum bounce on a trampolineCredit: Instagram/Khloe Kardashian

Khloe, 38, shares her two young children with NBA star Tristan Thompson, 32.

They welcomed Tatum via surrogacy last July and True again in April 2018.

Over the weekend, Khloe shared several new videos of the three of them enjoying some time outside before a rainstorm on her Instagram Stories.

In the first clip, a mother and her two children had fun jumping on a trampoline while listening to music.

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True asked her mom to bounce Tatum as he quickly crawled across the trampoline.

The little boy laughed as his family members stroked him slightly in the air.

In the next moment, Tru hugged her brother with a hug. The five-year-old was wearing an animal print T-shirt and matching shorts.

Meanwhile, Tatum donned an all-gray bodysuit.

In the following videos, True enjoyed some alone time on the trampoline so she could jump high while it was raining.

Brotherly love

Earlier this week, Khloe shared an adorable moment between True and Tatum.

Posting on her Instagram Stories, Khloe shared an adorable moment of bonding between her fingers.

While in the giant playroom, True had her hair tied up in a ponytail, donned a blue T-shirt, and hugged her younger brother — born last July.

In the first photo, Khloe captioned the first photo: “Morning snuggles,” along with two emojis.

In the second, she said, “They’re so obsessed with each other,” while True and Tatum were playing together.

The TV personality shared a recent photo of her eldest daughter apparently giving Tatum a kiss.

Sweet siblings

The star recently shared another photo of her kids on Snapchat.

The first Snapchatted photo showed Khloe Tatum sitting between True’s legs.

True was still in her little nightgown, and Tatum was only wearing a diaper.

The little girl held her infant brother close to her breast, cuddling him as if she were a baby doll.

Tatum and True both had big smiles spilling over their faces.

Another photo shared by the youngest Kardashian sister was of her two young children wearing similar pajamas, posing on the couch looking out their window.

Since the pic was taken from behind, their bushy tresses have been curly hair.

Not far

Last week, Khloe showed off her LA mansion by snapping her gorgeous backyard.

The photos included in this social media thread are of them flaunting their large luxurious pool.

The outdoor swimming area was surrounded by several plush cream-coloured loungers.

Located near the pool is an adorable cabin filled with a flat screen TV and chairs that match those around the pool.

Near the pool was also a square concrete fire pit with a bunch of chairs around it.

Her backyard was flooded with tall trees, and the surrounding green lawn covered it.

The mom-of-two even had a toy ram and toy sheep set up in her yard for True and Tatum to play with.

Khloe actually shared two photos of True, one of them cuddling with the fake ram, and another of her cuddling the fake pregnancy.

The TV personality never seems to miss an opportunity to post about her home, especially the back of it.

The Kardashian star took to Snapchat again last month to share photos of her sprawling backyard.

In them, Khloe caught a ton of fish swimming in a pond and arched over a walkway in the yard.

She also gave a close-up view of her pink garden beside her huge swimming pool.

After a long building process, Chloe has moved into the house in November 2021.

It’s right next to her mom’s home, Kris Jenner’s $67, $20 million mansion, in an exclusive gated community.

He heard the little boy laughing while he was having fun with his familycredit: Instagram/khloekardashian
Tatum was born via surrogacy last JulyCredit: Instagram

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