Khloe Kardashian reveals True and Tatum’s very messy playroom in new video taken at the star’s $17 million mansion

Khloe Kardashian has revealed her kids True and Tatum’s messy playroom in her $17 million mansion.

The third eldest Kardashian sister posted story videos of her kids in the chaotic playroom of her luxury Los Angeles home on Saturday.

Khloe Kardashian reveals her kids True and Tatum’s messy playroom in her lavish $17 million mansionCredit: Instagram/@khloekardashian
The kids can be seen having fun on Khloe’s social mediaCredit: Instagram/@khloekardashian

Khloe posted her first Instagram account of a boomerang of her youngest son, 1-year-old Tatum Thompson.

The child can be seen wearing a matching white tracksuit while sitting on the ground.

He pulled a toy fence which also caused several other toys to fall off the shelf, including horse figures.

Behind him were shelves of toys including dollhouses and other dolls that appeared to be lying around the room.

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The second story showed a different angle of the room, where Tatum stood playing with a dollhouse.

Five-year-old True Thompson can be seen in the background sitting on a table next to the sink.

Khloe and Tristan Thompson’s eldest child was playing with a doll with her hair down.

Another story posted by the Good American founder showed the family cat named Gray Kitty.

The cat was lounging on a roof in front of a raffle filled with toys and dolls.

Khloe’s latest story from her playroom showed True stalking Tatum while laughing.

The eldest daughter was wearing a pink nightgown with her hair tied back.

The siblings were seen smiling and walking through a toy spaceship.

Fans can see wall storage units filled with soft toys for babies.

Chloe’s internal situation

The messy playroom will come as a shock to die-hard Kardashian fans, with the star previously speaking about her love of stylish interiors.

In Stories published in 2018, Khloe admitted that she loves keeping a tidy house.

“I’ve always known that I’m very particular in the way I like things,” she said.

“I’m incredibly organized and like/need to label and color-code everything.”

She concluded, “I don’t usually display my crazy, somewhat controlling ways on others. Most of my stuff just needs new stickers and a little fun.”

The star often posts stories from inside her kitchen and pantry color-coded with labels.


Fans recently claimed that the star is “extravagant” with her home hoarding and organizing methods.

The Kardashians star, 38, posted a video on TikTok of her super-organized wardrobe in her $17 million Los Angeles mansion earlier this year.


She began the clip by running her hands over custom shelves filled with peanut butter, syrup, and packaged snacks.

The gray baskets were filled with sweets for her two children, daughter True, five, and son Tatum, one.

These included granola bars, crackers, and apple sauce packets.

The Good American founder then spun a Lazy Susan that displayed a carefully arranged array of spices.

There were four floor-to-ceiling shelving units with five shelves illuminated by stylish lights.

Her cat, named Gray Kitty, was seen jumping from shelf to shelf and rubbing jars and baskets.

The bottom two shelves hold baskets of fast food, including Cheeto puffs, Rold Gold pretzels, and ruffles.

She captioned the TikTok: “Star of the show: My pantry or a gray cat? You tell me.”

Critic’s corner

While many fans praised Khloe’s organized closet, some accused her of “flagging off” her overstuffed closets while others live on minimum wage.

One fan wrote on Instagram: “I’m sorry. I can’t see her two little ones eating all this stuff. What a waste of money I’m saying. Sticky!!!”

Another added: “Show this to your fans who live paycheck to paycheck and barely have milk in the fridge for their kids.

“They are disgusting, boastful, low-level, shallow human beings.”

A third posted: “It’s like a convenience store,” and another user quipped: “Oh my god, rich people are showing how great it is to be rich.”

The family cat, Gray Kitty, appearedCredit: Instagram/@khloekardashian
Tatum enjoyed playing games with his sisterCredit: Instagram/@khloekardashian
Khloe previously claimed to have a very organized homeCredit: TikTok/khloekardashian

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