Kelly Ripa has her own exclusive bar inside her multi-million dollar townhouse – DETAILS

Kelly Ripa has had a pretty cool life thanks to her career in the entertainment industry, and she has a gorgeous home on the Upper East Side of Manhattan to show for it!

The Live with Kelly and Mark star lives with her husband and co-host, Mark Consuelos, in a $27 million townhouse, and recently revealed a rather extravagant feature within the property — and we’re all envious!

In an interview with Time Out New York, the TV star revealed that they have turned a room in their home into a bar. When asked about the best place to spend a late night in town, both Kelly and Mark agree that it’s their home.

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“Well, this is exclusive,” Kelly began, before Mark added, “It’s very exclusive. Bar 5.”

Kelly continued, “Bar #5 in our house is where all our friends gather. Mark has turned this room into a cigar bar. It’s like a lounge where everyone hangs out. It’s closed to the public but it’s really nice.”

Kelly Ripa’s house even has its own bar!

the Riverdale The star then added, “Yeah, we’re not taking any new member requests…Very limited capacity.”

Kelly and Mark’s home also features a lavish hotel-like foyer and an elevator that takes them to their rooftop.

The 7,796-square-foot home also boasts five bedrooms and six bathrooms, all with incredibly luxurious interiors.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Conselos with their three children© Instagram
Kelly Ripa and Mark Conselos with their three children at their home

The couple currently lives at home with their daughter Lola, 22, who moved back in with her parents earlier this year after graduating from New York University.

The aspiring musician loves to be home with her parents, and the trio went on vacation together at the beginning of the summer. In addition to their townhouse in town, Kelly and Mark also own a lovely house in the Hamptons, which is where they spend most weekends.

Kelly Ripa Children Husband© Photo: Instagram
Kelly Ripa’s children grew up in New York City

The holiday home is located close to the ocean and features stunning sea views. There is also a large backyard with a pool, with a separate sitting area.

The socialite couple often enjoys hosting their famous friends at their vacation home, including former Kelly host Ryan Seacrest, who was pictured swimming in their pool in a recent throwback photo the actress posted for his birthday. In a recent interview with The Pursuit, the Live Wire author talked about her weekends at the beach.

Kelly Ripa Family© Photo: Instagram
All of Kelly Ripa’s children have grown up

I was asked, “You’re in the Hamptons, have you ever been to the sea?” The star replied, “I go to the ocean, but you’ll never see me in the northeast in the water. I go out on the weekends after work, so the two days I’ve been here, I don’t want to get cold in the water.

“They keep telling us how the ocean waters are the warmest they’ve ever been, and I keep saying, ‘Even in the Northeast?’, because what I consider warm water and what everybody considers warm water are two different things. And this year we seem to have a lot of fish activity, more than usual.”

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