Karen Brady attacks ‘screaming and screaming’ MPs who ‘lack respect’

The Apprentice star Karren Brady believes many MPs who sit in the House of Commons lack respect for others, which affects people in politics

Baroness Brady often appears alongside Lord Sugar on The Apprentice (Palestinian Authority)

Businesswoman Karen Brady believes people in politics “lack respect” for each other.

The Apprentice star was appointed as a Conservative member of the House of Lords on 22 September 2014, and was appointed Baroness Brady of Knightsbridge in the City of Westminster. But although she might get a seat on the privileged chamber that scrutinizes legislation and accounts for the government as well as introducing legislation, she has no interest in swapping her seat to become an MP in the House of Commons.

Mum-of-two Karen, who recently became a Small Business Ambassador for Simply Business and a Business Boost Scholar, believes that as a member of the House of Lords, she could do with “more on the side”. She also addressed her views on current MPs who she believes can turn people away from politics.

Karen Brady believes people “lack respect” in politics these days(Nour Photo via Getty Images)

Speaking about whether she would become an MP, she exclusively told the Mirror: “No, no thank you. I think I could do with more on the side. It’s worrying because we need really great politicians to make the country great, and if people would that”. I’ve stopped because of the sexism, or the negativity, or the intrusive press, or, you know, the abuse you get just because I’m not a Labor supporter, but I think they really believe some of the policies they’re putting forward.

“They’re not making it up. I mean, you have to respect that you have to have some respect for everybody. And I think that’s maybe a lack of politics. And I think that alienates a lot of people when you see them ‘in the House of Commons yelling and screaming at each other and thinking ‘Oh,’ “This is the kind of environment I want to work in.” Not much.”

The Apprentice star sits in the House of Lords as a Conservative peer for life(Palestinian Authority)

Discussing her work as a peer and what happens behind closed doors, Karen, who has appeared on The Apprentice since 2009, went on to say: “I think a lot of people misunderstand what the House of Lords is. We don’t legislate and we do that.” Don’t obstruct legislation. Our job is to look at legislation that comes out of the House of Commons and draw on our life experiences and that’s why we’re invited to sit in the House of Lords to say, well, how can we best enact this legislation or can there be any unintended consequences from the way this legislation has been drafted?

“And can we improve it to avoid those unintended consequences? That’s the role of the House of Lords to consider legislation, propose amendments and bring it back to the Commons. So, it’s important work and it’s serious work, and I’m doing that.” As much as I can considering I have a full-time job.”

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