Julianne Hough takes DWTS fans inside her gorgeous $2 million Los Angeles mansion, including an all-blue kitchen and massive backyard oasis

Dancing With the Stars host Julianne Hough has shown off her $2 million Los Angeles mansion, leaving fans in awe.

The professional dancer has shared behind-the-scenes snippets of her life amid criticism of her hosting abilities.

Dancing With the Stars host Julianne Hough brought fans to her houseCredit: Instagram/ juleshough
The TV personality showed off her $2 million mansion in Los AngelesCredit: Instagram/ juleshough

Julianne, 35, took to her Instagram account to give her fans a glimpse into her life and home.

The video showed the Dancing With the Stars host first standing in her all-blue kitchen, opening a cupboard as she searched for a glass.

The text above the video read: “Sorry, I missed the text, been very busy lately!”

The clip was then passed to Julianne, who was holding her dog in her arms as the pup licked her face.

Then she stood in front of two large double doors, opened them and went out into her backyard.

Julianne fluffed up the cushions on her outdoor furniture as she strolled through the sprawling garden space.

The dancer-turned-TV personality was seen holding her dog again.

As the clip continued, so did her impromptu tour of the house.

Julianne spun around before falling onto the lush white bed.

She then moved to the kitchen, where she floated on an escalator and then sat down in her luxurious living room.

The caption read: “Sunny and her mom are busy girls.”

Fans seem to have walked out on the video.

Maria Menounos commented: “OMG I have so many unread emails and texts, I do too haha.”

Others were scattered at her house.

“Beautiful home. She works hard and deserves it,” one fan commented.

“The ladder in the kitchen: what a dream!!!!” Someone else commented.

Julian’s struggles

The lighthearted video comes amid major backlash for her DWTS hosting abilities.

She broke down on Friday when she admitted she felt “so lost” in a new video.

The painful clip was shared on her TikTok account and showed only her face.

She was clearly crying and her blonde hair was down, partially covering her face.

“I was so lost. I lost my mind,” Julianne said in the video.

The scene cuts to her standing outside, looking refreshed and in much better spirits.

Her hair was cut short and looked very bouncy.

In the video, she looked around, smiled at the camera and said: “It’s a perfect day.”

Her caption read: “Me during the strike, and now that it’s finally over.”

A number of comments criticized the star.

One person wrote: “Didn’t you take a shot at yourself? When you were working, without sacrificing anything, with a glam band all the time. This is not real.”

Someone else commented: “OMG she’s acting????”

Hosting a backlash

Julianne has been repeatedly criticized for her TV blunders while hosting DWTS.

During the November 7 episode of the dance competition series, the TV personality spoke with competitor Lily Pons after her amazing performance of Shakira’s hit song.

After the dance, Julianne asked Lily about her experience with Sharkera, whom she described as her “idol” years ago.

The Venezuelan singer spoke of her “love” for the Latin singer, saying: “Ta amo, te amo, te amo.”

In a bizarre live moment, Julianne repeated the comment and attempted to speak Spanish before cutting to a commercial.

Viewers at home were left in stitches over the scene, mocking the show online.

“After hearing Julianne say te amo, I know she says gracias in Mexican restaurants after ordering,” one person posted on X.

Another person on the app, formerly known as Twitter, joked: “Julian after imitating Lele saying te amo,” posting a photo of Selena Gomez wrapped in a sarabi, or traditional Mexican blanket.

“No Julianne saying goodbye girl,” a third critic quipped.

She has been facing backlash from fans for her hosting abilitiesCredit: Instagram/ juleshough
Julianne recently shared an emotional clip about her mindset during the Hollywood strikesCredit: ABC
The post came amid criticism of her interview style and moreCredit: Getty Images – Getty

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