Jermain Defoe’s new lover, Paige Mallabourne-Edmondson, is moving into his £3million mansion just weeks after his ex left.

Jermain Defoe’s new beau has moved into his £3million mansion just weeks after his ex moved in.

The former England footballer, 41, first met recent beau Paige Malabourne Edmondson, 29, in August this year.

Defoe first met beau Paige Malabourne-Edmondson for the first time in August this year
Paige has now moved into his mansion weeks after his influencer ex-girlfriend Alesha Lemay left
Defoe appeared at a Pride of Britain event with Alisha days before taking Paige on a birthday holiday

Defoe was still with his influential girlfriend Alisha Lemay when he stayed at Crowwood Hotel & Spa, Burnley, in the summer where Paige worked as a wedding planner.

Just two months later, the former Tottenham player moved Paige to a romantic £1,200-a-night hotel – days after he appeared on the red carpet at a Pride of Britain party with Alisha.

Colleagues claim that on the same night Page traveled to London from her home near Accrington, Lancs, to stay at the Dorchester Hotel where she met Defoe.

Defoe welcomed Alisha as his guest on October 8 before booking a stay at the five-star Northcote Hotel for Paige’s birthday on October 15.

On October 20, Alisha moved out of the five-bed Hertfordshire mansion she had called home since May.

Those close to Paige say Defoe showered her with gifts while on holiday, including a £10,000 Cartier watch and a £2,500 Dior bag to celebrate her 29th birthday.

In what now appears to be the beginning of another whirlwind romance for Defoe, Paige has packed up her job and moved south to be with the Love Mouse.

A family friend told MailOnline: ‘Paige is really happy to be moving here.

“It’s been a tough few months but everything is going well.”

It comes after The Sun previously revealed that Paige introduced the former footballer to her family, calling him her “soulmate”.

A friend said: “Paige has found her soulmate in Jermaine and he seems serious about them. They are really happy together.”

Paige was reportedly forced to quit her job after a scathing TripAdvisor review of the hotel slammed her as a “marriage destroyer.”

The TV critic now began bombarding Paige with messages on Instagram when she followed him after his stay.

A close source added: “(Page’s) bosses were furious when they found out Paige and Jermaine were together.

“They felt it was inappropriate for Paige to start messaging a hotel guest.”

Defoe recently left his wife Donna Tierney, 40, for Alisha earlier this year – less than six months after their £200,000 settlement! Magazine wedding in June 2022.

He and makeup artist Donna married in front of 360 guests, including Alisha.

But The Sun on Sunday told how he began harassing a nurse for sex a month after his marriage.

He also messaged another woman on Instagram and asked her to meet her.

Defoe and Donna split last December, then officially split earlier this year.

Defoe left his wife Donna earlier this year for Alisha, who attended the wedding

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