Jen Tudrick’s trick is the secret to perfect paint |

Paint is perhaps the most powerful tool when looking to transform a room, but that makes choosing the right color even more important. Determining the color is one thing, but choosing the perfect shade is another—because while one shade may impress in one light, it can bring out unwanted undertones later in the day. This is where Gene Todrick comes in.

the No Renault offer It’s also clear that the designer is no stranger to the problem we all face as painters, but she has a solution that ensures we make the right choice every time we decorate. Its secret is in the paint samples, or rather, the way they are used.

“I’m very interested in paint samples, especially with these creams and tans that have become so popular in color trends. However, these shades are a bit risky because some shades can turn more yellow, and the undertones may not show up as people expect.” . H&G.

A cream living room painted in Farrow & Bal Stirabout

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

“To avoid any surprises, I scan every wall in the room and observe it in the morning, afternoon and night lights to see how it changes. I want to see if it gets more fun at different times of the day,” says Jin.

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