Jeff Bezos is moving into his billionaire bunker mansion. Blue Origin’s operations are getting closer

Jeff Bezos has regained his position as the second richest person in the world. With a wealth estimated at more than $161 billion. This wealth allowed him to invest millions of dollars in several mansions in different parts of the United States without worrying about the enormous expenses involved in maintaining those homes even when they were empty.

The millionaire founder of Amazon announced on his Instagram profile that he will soon move to his home in Miami to be closer to his family and the operations center of his space project.

The end of the stage in Seattle. In his message on the social network to Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos highlighted his vital connection to the city of Seattle since he founded Amazon in 1994, but noted that during his youth he was also closely connected to his new destination: Miami.

“I have lived in Seattle longer than anywhere else and have many wonderful memories here,” Bezos said in an emotional message that accompanied a home video recorded by his father showing the office the millionaire had in his garage. Where the foundations of the giant known today as Amazon were laid. “While this move is exciting, it is an emotional decision for me. Seattle, you will always have a place in my heart.

Jeff Bezos hasn't bought Amazon stock for twenty years.  The other day he got one, and it's a mystery

He leaves the garage to enter a hideout. As confirmed by Bloomberg, the e-commerce mogul will move to Miami in the coming weeks where he will reside in the mansion that the millionaire bought a few months ago on Indian Creek Island, popularly known as the Billionaire Bunker.

The artificial island of Indian Creek gets its name from being a favorite retreat for the region’s billionaires to maintain their privacy. It is considered a hideout because the island is only connected to the land by a single entrance, which also passes next to the local police station. Any vehicle or person who wants to enter or exit the residential complex must pass through a police barrier.

Bezos’s new home. Bezos has luminary people as neighbors in his new residence such as Julio Iglesias, Tom Brady, Gisele Bündchen, Adriana Lima, Beyoncé, and Ivanka Trump. It is built on a 1.1-hectare plot of land with access to the sea, but the millionaire will have to build his own dock to dock one of his yachts at his door.

Jeff Bezos' house
Jeff Bezos' house

Jeff Bezos houses Billionaire Bunker

The mansion has seven bedrooms, but not only that, Jeff Bezos just bought the mansion next door for $79 million. This leaves him with a plot of approximately 2 hectares and two mansions in the most exclusive area of ​​Miami.

Blue Origin and Family. In announcing his move, the billionaire acknowledged that one of the main reasons for his move was his proximity to his parents and the increased activity of his space company Blue Origin, which will begin to intensify its launch tests from the center. Cabo Redbed.

So far, Blue Origin’s operations center is located around Van Horn, Texas, where Jeff Bezos bought a 122-hectare farm of land where he tests engines and conducts basic flight tests of rockets. Blue Origin’s New Shepard after becoming part of NASA’s Artemis V program.

Miami in fashion. The arrival of Jeff Bezos is further proof that Miami is more fashionable than ever among millionaires. Entrepreneurs like Ken Griffin are building lavish mansions in the most exclusive areas around the city, escaping Chicago’s freezing winters.

Not even Lionel Messi himself can resist the charm and luxury that deep south Florida has to offer by signing with Inter Miami.

In Chataka | Jeff Bezos promised to donate $10 billion to charities. It is very far from this number.

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