James Bond star Daniel Craig and his wife Rachel Weisz are facing a new battle with neighbors over plans to move the kitchen, demolish the conservatory and build an extension at their £6million London townhouse.

  • Daniel Craig wants to demolish the conservatory of his Grade II listed home
  • Craig, 55, and wife Rachel Weisz, 53, want an extension on their £6million home

James Bond star Daniel Craig may face a new battle over plans to expand his £6million London home with a dressing room-style makeover.

Craig and his wife, Oscar-winning actress Rachel Weisz, have won their battle to keep a 65-foot tree at their historic home after residents claimed it caused the ground to subside.

They now want to demolish a “poorly constructed” conservatory, build a larger rear extension with a terrace above, and undertake a land-forces-style refurbishment of the garden.

But they may face another battle with planners and neighbors because their terraced house, which dates back to 1840, is Grade II listed and is in a designated conservation area.

The couple want to move the kitchen from the front to the back of the property and make internal alterations including enlarging the opening in the rear wall on the lower ground floor.

They also want to divide the ground floor double reception room into two and install a larger rear window on the first floor in their five-bedroom house.

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz won their battle to keep a 65-foot tree in their historic home after residents claimed it caused the ground to subside, but now they face a new battle.

In a design statement, the couple’s planning agent said: “The proposed new extension would replace an existing late 20th century conservatory which was poorly constructed, inefficient (it is too cold in winter and too hot in summer) and out of keeping with the natural environment.” The original building.

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“This means that the less successful part of the existing building (in terms of materials, form and proportion) can be recast so that it is brought up to a quality equal to the rest of the property.”

“The enlarged extension allows the kitchen (the busiest room in the house) to be moved to the back of the property, giving it a direct connection to the garden and better natural lighting.”

“On the ground floor, it is proposed to put back the wall between the two reception rooms to create a formal sitting room and a separate TV room.

“In the ground floor cupboard wing, the existing study will be partitioned to allow for a guest toilet to be provided at the stair landing between the ground floor and lower ground floor.”

The agent added: “Elsewhere, the majority of the existing building fabric will be left untouched by the proposed scheme.

“The reconfigured accommodation resulting from this proposal would improve the balance of the main living areas of the house. Overall, the impact of the property in question and its surroundings will be positive.

Craig, 55, and Wes, 53, bought the pad in 2008 for £3.2million, but it is now believed to be worth £6million.

It has a downstairs kitchen, conservatory, utility room, bedroom and bathroom with a double reception room and study on the ground floor.

There is a master bedroom, dressing room and bathroom on the first floor and three other bedrooms and two bathrooms on the second floor.

In 2010, the couple got the go-ahead to make interior alterations to the first floor including reconfiguring the layout and moving two interior doors.

They were also granted planning permission to move the existing bathroom to the rear and remove the partition wall separating the master bedroom from the bathroom.

The couple have now formally applied to Camden Council for a single storey rear extension and internal works at basement levels to the first floor with a rear balcony to the first floor.

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There have been no objections from neighbors so far, but in a separate planning application, Craig also wants the bay tree cut down as part of plans to regenerate the park including further tree planting.

But in a letter to the council, neighbor Colin Jacobson wrote: “My concerns are to ensure that the fall of this tree and associated park developments should not have any negative impacts on the two magnificent plane trees at the rear of the site.”

“These trees have been an integral part of my family’s life and experience, as well as providing vital oxygen in this notoriously traffic-polluted area.

“I therefore urge the tree division to be very careful to ensure the long-term survival of these trees in this and any similar applications in the future.”

“It would also be encouraging to get reassurances from applicants that they too value the plane trees and will do everything they can to protect and care for them.”

Officials at Camden Council are expected to make a decision later this year, and there have been no objections so far from neighbours.

If permission is granted, construction work is scheduled to begin next April and end in July.

Other famous residents living nearby include actress Jenna Coleman, singer Craig David, former Foreign Secretary David Miliband and comedian Julian Clary.

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