Inside Warwickshire’s £2.5m influencer pad with cinema room and blacktop pools

She grew up in a Manchester council house. Today, with her artistry in an industry that knows no bounds, she is the proud owner of a sprawling £2.50 mansion in the Warwickshire countryside that has been featured on TV shows and in various newspapers.

Influencer Lorna Andrews is better known by her social media alias Lorna Lux. She’s gained legions of followers on Instagram and TikTok – and millions of pounds in the process – as a prominent voice in lifestyle and fashion products.

The content she posts on those platforms earns her seven figures annually and impacts a similar number of impressionable consumers around the world. Lorna’s career became so successful that her husband John, 61, retired from banking last year to join her team full-time.

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In May, they purchased The Ghost House, named for its ethereal appearance. Located in the village of Moreton Paddocks, it is an underground concrete complex of a house entered via a passage across a pitch-black pond, down a steep flight of stairs and through a sunken courtyard.

The upper half of the property, built in 2018 by BPN Architects, is barely visible from ground level. “Its concrete skin radiates a pale light through pools of black-dyed water,” digital architecture magazine The Spaces wrote.

The Ghost House, winner of the 2019 Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Award, was recently featured on the ITVX program Abbey Clancy: Celebrity Homes. This was Lorna’s latest foray into television, having previously appeared in BBC Three’s Breaking Fashion series.

But social media remains her main field. The 41-year-old has more than 1.4 million followers on Instagram and another 50,000 on TikTok. Lorna’s sense of humour, honesty and relatability on these channels continues to be her signature show.

Lorna kindly invited Coventry Live to her home. These are some shots taken by our photographer.

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Reflections from a jet black pool

(Image: Reach plc)

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The dark-coloured pool is divided by a concrete walkway

(Image: Reach plc)

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From the inside it comes out

(Image: Reach plc)

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Stairs to Heaven at the home of influencer Lorna Lux

(Image: Reach plc)

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Lorna’s elegant and simple master bedroom

(Image: Reach plc)

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Seating area in the hidden garden

(Image: Reach plc)

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He looks towards the garden

(Image: Reach plc)

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Cinema room from the back row

(Image: Reach plc)

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BBQ area for when Lorna and John are enjoying the sun

(Image: Reach plc)

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The sunken patio is complete with an outdoor shower

(Image: Reach plc)

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The fashion house wrote on the marble countertop

(Image: Reach plc)

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A splash of color around the dining area

(Image: Reach plc)

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Cinema room with nine sofas

(Image: Reach plc)

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Go straight this way to the £2.5m Warwickshire home of celebrity influencer Lorna Locks

(Image: Reach plc)

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Quirky furniture in the brutalist master bedroom

(Image: Reach plc)

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