Inside Handel Hendrix’s House: London’s Most Exclusive Museum

One of London’s most unusual museums is Handel Hendrix House, next door to the Georgian houses that two of the world’s greatest musicians, George Frideric Handel and Jimi Hendrix, used to call home. The museum has just re-opened, after a major £3 million renovation made Handel’s house fully accessible for the first time, restoring the basement and ground floor, until recently a luxury goods store. The upper floors, which first opened as a museum in 2001, have also been renovated and improved to give the visitor a real sense of entering the world of musical genius.

Filled with musical memorabilia, history, and even recorded music by Handel and Hendrix, this museum is a holy grail for music lovers. Live music is also a featured part of the museum, with a guitarist often playing in Hendrix’s apartment and classical recitals often at Handel’s house.

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