Inside a strange abandoned Victorian mansion left to rot

An urban explorer has revealed the moment he discovered a “really dangerous” old Victorian mansion.

The creepy property was filled with unopened Amazon packages and old arcade games.

Dave discovered an abandoned house after finding it online and decided to go there in personCredit: Jam Press/Freaktography
He shared a YouTube video of the homeCredit: Jam Press/Freaktography
One room had unopened Amazon boxes insideCredit: Jam Press Vid/Freaktography

Dave, known as Freaktography, discovered the abandoned house after finding it online and decided to visit the site in person.

Originally built in the 1860s by a cabinet maker, only the highest quality materials were used, and the house has oak and chestnut doors throughout.

Sharing the video on YouTube, he received 3,400 views of his interesting discovery.

“It’s a nice house on the outside, but it’s not very good on the inside,” Dave told

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“The place is really dangerous, there was a complete roof collapse from the roof to the attic, to the second floor, down, to the basement.

“Inside I found a large number of Amazon packages and toys, they had obviously tried putting the lids on but it clearly didn’t work.

“I found the Jurassic Park 3 video game – another one I couldn’t solve… and another one that was broken.

“There is a lot of water damage in the corners of the house.

“The house would have been beautiful before the damage, that much is clear to see.”

Mentioned in the 1994 book “America’s Painted Ladies”, the property’s history is believed to be connected to the Underground Railroad.

There is said to be a hidden room located outside the dining room, which was used as a station for transporting slaves to freedom.

Outside, the Second Empire Victorian house is painted entirely pink, with ivy growing on the walls and stunning architecture.

It’s a shame that the stunning exterior isn’t reflected inside.

As he travels inside, Dave notices the collapsed ceiling, along with rooms in varying states of decay, with rotting walls, dirty floors, and overgrown ivy falling through the windows.

However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom.

Walking into another room, he found tons of unopened Amazon boxes, as well as arcade-style video games.

The clip shows the beautiful oak doors she left behind.

Then he enters the empty kitchen, filled with broken cabinets, fallen rubble, and collapsed ceilings.

Dave then climbs two flights of stairs to the attic, where he finds that the ceiling has completely collapsed.

The video received 332 likes and comments from interested fans.

Amelia said: “Why do they let beautiful homes like this with such important history fall into disrepair? This is part of our country’s history.”

Steve commented: “This is so sad! This is a beautiful home with a lot of history. Dave does such a great job exploring! Everyone loved your videos!

Sue wrote: “What a beautiful and historic home. So sad that it has been left to decay. Thanks for the history of this beauty!”

It was a beautiful house. I love doors. It’s completely unique. Jan added: “It is a good thing despite the deterioration.”

“I was blown away by all the toys and Amazon boxes,” Debbie said.

This isn’t the only time an abandoned property has made the news recently.

In September, we talked about a desert ghost town where sun-baked houses are buried knee-deep in sand.

The other room was “dangerous” because the ceiling collapsedCredit: Jam Press Vid/Freaktography
Dave’s video received 332 likes and comments from fansCredit: Jam Press/Freaktography
Video viewers were saddened to see what the once luxurious home had becomeCredit: Jam Press/Freaktography

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