I lost my job and downsized to a $15,000 tiny house

A couple decided to embrace the tiny home lifestyle after the husband lost his high-paying job.

Thanks to the affordable makeover, they are now able to enjoy a simpler life on the road in a $15,000 home.

Steve lost his job as a helicopter mechanic and bought a small houseCredit: YouTube/TinyHomeTours
It’s where he and his wife, Raina, now live full timeCredit: YouTube/TinyHomeTours
The RV costs less than $15,000 and they no longer have to pay utility billsCredit: YouTube/TinyHomeTours

Steve and Raena (@steve_and_raena) are a husband and wife singing duo who live full-time in an RV.

They recently toured their tiny space for the Tiny Home Tours YouTube channel and explained their transition to this lifestyle.

It all started when Steve lost his high-paying job as a helicopter mechanic.

“We weren’t sure what we were going to do,” Steve said. “But I didn’t want to keep doing a job that didn’t allow me to spend as much time outside as I wanted.”

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He and Raina decided to take a chance and pursue their dream of becoming full-time traveling musicians.

“We rented our house, packed up all our belongings and moved into an RV,” he said.

They purchased a 2015 Keystone Bullet off Craigslist.

These usually go for around $15,000, but it was cheaper because there was water damage that Steve had to repair.

Being a mechanic came in handy, and now the renovations are complete, making your RV a comfortable and affordable home.

Comfortable inside

Inside there is a small kitchen with space for a stove, microwave and large sink.

In the living area there is a spacious dining room with enough space to accommodate several people.

Steve’s mom made new pillowcases for the dinette so they wouldn’t have to buy any expensive replacements.

“We saved a lot,” Raina said.

The bedroom is separated from the rest of the house by an entertainment center.

Behind that, there is a double bed and another TV mounted on the wall for watching before bed.

There is also an additional bedroom at the back with a bunk bed and additional wardrobe space.

No energy bills

Steve and Raina live off the grid as much as possible, which means they have no utility bills.

For power, they use an AGM battery, solar panels and a generator.

“Solar has worked great for us,” Steve said.

More and more Americans are turning to tiny homes, with companies now selling new, fully equipped trailers for as little as $15,000.

One creative couple has built a house out of a shipping container.

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